Brown County Republicans call on Jason Wisneski to resign

Last week I wrote about Republican Jason Wisneski, the Brown County Board of Supervisors candidate who was previously convicted of Intentionally Mistreating Animals, and at the time I noted that instead of showing contrition for his behavior, Wisneski and his wife chose to compare Wisneski’s plight to that of African-Americans in the criminal justice system while also calling Democratic State Sen. Dave Hansen a “murderer” for his role in the tragic accidental death of a grandchild.

In the aftermath of the revelation of Wisneski’s conviction, as well as his deplorable “defense” of his criminal conviction Mark Becker, the Chairman of the Brown County Republican Party, issued a statement calling on Wisneski to resign his leadership position within the Brown County Republican Party.

We were extremely disappointed to learn of comments made recently by candidate Jason Wisneski in reference to Senator Dave Hansen and his family. Neither Mr. Wisneski nor his wife speak for the Brown County Republican Party. His comments are beneath the character standards we have set and we denounce them wholeheartedly.

I have reached out directly to Senator Hansen at his home to offer our sincerest apologies. And effective immediately, I have requested the resignation of Mr. Wisneski from affiliation with the Brown County Republican Party.

Mark Becker, Chairman
Brown County Republican Party


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6 thoughts on “Brown County Republicans call on Jason Wisneski to resign

  1. I am thinking that Mark Becker is the one who should watch his back here.

    Candidate Jason Wisneski is cut from the same cloth as the leadership of the Republican Party in Wisconsin. Though Wisneski’s conduct and statements are vile and despicable, they are right in line with mainstream Republican thought here in Wisconsin and across America.

    I’m betting that before the week is over, that the Wisconsin Republican Party will have replaced Mark Becker as leader of the Brown County Republican Party and issue a huge apology to candidate Wisneski along with a 100 million dollar “Elect Wisneski” advertising buy funded by Americans for Prosperity.

    Jason Wisneski IS the face of the Republican Party in Walker’s Wisconsin.

    1. Justin, please take a look at this response from earlier this year. Did anything happen as you had predicted? No. So before you talk about someone who made a very poor comment being “mainstream Republican thought,” take this example into consideration. My phone is always on if you want to discuss this.

      Mark Becker

  2. I agree with the commenter above that were Wisneski a Waukesha County or SE WI GOP candidate, his actions and comments would be perfectly acceptable by Republican standards. NE Wisconsin is different in that some good and decent people continue to be active Republican candidates, leaders, and voters and they see themselves as moderate and pro-business. Burke fits very naturally with these people, Walker not so much. State GOP interference on Wisneski’s behalf wouldn’t sit well with the moderates – he’s an animal-abuser low-life from New England who doesn’t understand the basic economics of the county being home to the Green Bay Packers. Any wedge between the old traditional Republicans and the Teahadists is good, I suppose. But I’d rather live in a community in which Wisneski’s behavior is roundly condemned by all regardless of politics.

  3. please don’t group all republicans together here… I am a conservative and I think Mr. Wisneski’s comments and actions are deplorable. Maybe if both sides would stop making broad generalizations and stereotypes against the other side this country would be in a better place.

    1. The country would be in a much better place if those Republicans who disagreed with the prevailing attitudes and behaviors in their Party loudly disagreed and directed their funds, time and votes elsewhere.

    2. Do you want a cookie, Jamie? That’s nice that you recognize this lowlife scum needs to go, but the problem us that there sure seems to be a lot of them in today’s GOP- you can’t go. 3 days before some GOP official says something disgusting, sexist or racist.

      You wanna show us something? Stop pulling the lever for these scumbags, demand that AM radio tone down the hate, and primary them out of office. Otherwise, your words are meaningless.

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