Cudahy Alderman Randy Hollenbeck caught lying about fake Facebook identity during 2013 election

On March 12, 2013, then-candidate Randy Hollenbeck posted a blog entry questioning why I had not answered questions posed to me by “Jon Schmidt.” In his blog entry, Hollenbeck wrote, “I have been asked by Jon Schmidt a few times why Zachary Wisniewski will not answer questions of this nature,” and while that sentence seemed innocuous at the time, recent revelations that Randy Hollenbeck created and controlled the “Jon Schmidt” Facebook profile serves as just more proof that Hollenbeck blatantly lied to his readers (and voters) during the 2013 aldermanic election.

Here’s a screenshot of the content in question.

Hollenbeck's "conversation" with JonSchmidt

It’s more than a little ironic that it’s been shown that Randy Hollenbeck lied to voters during the 2013 election, given how hard he worked to cast his opponent as being an untrustworthy liar, and to use Hollenbeck’s own words from March 12, 2013, “I think you owe it to your constituents to let them know what they [got] by electing you as our Alderman.”

To learn more about Alderman Randy Hollenbeck, be sure to check out his archive on Blogging Blue.


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