Gov. Walker’s priorities are all f&#@ed up

On Tuesday Gov. Scott Walker said he would call a special legislative session if courts this spring do not uphold the state’s voter ID law, a law Republicans love because it will depress Democratic votes in Wisconsin. No doubt Gov. Walker wants to see voter ID enacted into law before this November’s election because it will smooth his path to re-election.

And while Gov. Walker is fixated on “fixing” his re-election changes, yet another company has announced it’s moving jobs out of Wisconsin.

Manitowoc Co. will cut about 150 jobs in Manitowoc as the company moves a production line that builds ice machines to a plant in Monterrey, Mexico, and possibly China.

The job reductions will take place over the next 21 months, the company said Tuesday, and could include about 40% of the production employees who make Indigo ice machines.


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2 thoughts on “Gov. Walker’s priorities are all f&#@ed up

  1. I know personally, three declared Democratic candidates in my state, Assembly/Senate District who have said nothing other than they are for the environment, better education and fair wages, etc. Generic BS.

    I’ve phoned and emailed their campaigns requesting specific statements to the press in our area on these specific closing issues in the final weeks of this session. All of them appear to not be concerned enough to phone the three main papers and three main radio stations, challenging Re-punitives as they head out the door for the summer.

    Sad choices coming up on the ‘blue,’ team that they’ve missed this opportunity to be winning votes in our almost perfect purple districts through informing the electorate as.

    For that matter, where’s Ms Burke on these ninth inning, destructive R laws, or is our lame stream media just not reporting anything that is not appearing in a political commercial version, i.e., unless candidate exposure time has been pre-paid?

  2. While Walker is running around screaming that Wisconsin is a tax hell another company pulls up stakes. The reality is Wisconsin has all but
    eliminated taxes on businesses. They are going for the cheap labor. If we were willing to work for a $1 and hour, they would stay. Walker is destroying the state and most people have no clue. As more and more people are “forced” to work for less, Walker ingratiates himself with the rich and powerful so he can move up politically. It’s disgusting. We need a strong voice to push back but we are not getting it from our elected officials nor Mary Burke. HELP!

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