Ozanne AG campaign undergoes leadership shakeup

Lost among the myriad of blog post drafts is something I’ve been meaning to post for a couple of weeks.

On February 21, 2014, the WisPolitics Stock Report noted that the top two aides to Attorney General candidate Ismael Ozanne had left his campaign, with former senior consultant Melissa Mulliken describing the parting as “a difference of approach and philosophy” while citing Ozanne’s “limited financial resources” as another reason for leaving.

Asked about the departure of Mulliken and former campaign manager Laura Smith, new senior consultant Stan Davis said, “Melissa got the ball rolling, got things started and in a statewide race, it’s kind of hard to have many other clients and all that other stuff.” What’s curious is that Mulliken never once mentioned leaving Ozanne’s campaign because of her work with other clients, leaving me to wonder what exactly was the “difference of approach and philosophy” that led to her departure, as well as the departure of Ozanne’s campaign manager.

As WisPolitics rightly noted, it’s never a good sign when your top two campaign aides leave just months into the race, regardless of why, and the ambiguous “difference of approach and philosophy” reason cited for Melissa Mulliken’s departure leaves me wonder what exactly those differences in approach and philosophy were. Given the fact that Ozanne is running his first contested campaign of any kind, there were bound to be some growing pains, but the departure of his top two campaign aides leaves me thinking of the phrase, “where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

There’s definitely “smoke” surrounding Ismael Ozanne’s campaign at the moment, and I can’t help but think there might be some “fire” as well.


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2 thoughts on “Ozanne AG campaign undergoes leadership shakeup

  1. It looks like Jon Richards is the apparent frontrunner in the race for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General. Susan Happ’s campaign doesn’t appear to have gained any traction, and Ismael Ozanne’s campaign appears to be unraveling.

  2. In this case I’m not sure where there is smoke there is fire, but as a resident of Dane Co. and familiar with Mr. Ozanne he does not appear to exude impariality. Former Gov. Doyle did a good job as AG and like him or not Van Hollen has too.

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