Republican State Rep. Chris Kapenga has no clue what the federal minimum wage is

This is completely unsurprising, given how out of touch so many Republicans are with what the working poor go through.

At the public hearing for SB626 yesterday, bill author Representative Chris Kapenga was asked how much the federal minimum wage was. And guess what? He had no idea. 

Not only is it completely absurd that an elected official not know such basic information, it’s dangerous. It’s scary that someone so out of touch with the reality of many Wisconsinites is making decisions that drastically affect them.

The fact that Rep. Chris Kapenga doesn’t know what the federal minimum wage is shouldn’t surprise anyone, considering this is the same man who recently asserted that he understands the plight of low-wage workers in Milwaukee because he drives through Milwaukee every day to get to he company he owns.


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7 thoughts on “Republican State Rep. Chris Kapenga has no clue what the federal minimum wage is

  1. Not only is this base-level knowledge for a legislator and especially a legislator attending a hearing about living wage legislation, but apparently he wasn’t even smart enough to get on this thing called the Internet and find the answer in 6 seconds. Why? Why? Why does SE Wisconsin’s bland burbs saddle us with these losers? Why? Oh, and IG – handy little loop holes for your Culver’s buddy will simply assure only part-time gigs for kids are available.

    1. “handy little loop holes” ???

      Not sure what you are refering to. Culver’s point is that his work force consists of full time wage earners with benefits, like one of my Aunts, and also part time school kids who are making some cash and learning the ropes at an entry level. He is probably alone in the “fast food” world doing so. And he’s been doing it for years.
      So we have one employer, a large one doing what he believes is right, well above minimum wage yet you scoff.

      I am curious to know whether or not you are an employer, business, wages paid. ???

      1. Tell me how you can not see the loophole here that would skew hiring dramatically? Is it a question of sheer and honest puzzlement with you or have you just no conscience in terms of caring about cause-effect?

        1. Yes you are right. Culver should shit can his current employer/employee model and pay every employee $7.25 w/o benefits. Pretty much eliminates your loophole. Happy?

          1. Or if a $10.10 min wage comes along, they start the minimum at $10.10 for all and adjust based on merit, seniority, etc from there and pass along pennies cost increase to their consumers and or shave it off top compensation or both. Problem solved. No point in making this an emotional issue when it’s a fairly straightforward cost increase.

            1. The point attempted was that Culver is an employer who currently exceeds the bare minimum where most of his competion does not. And he does it by choice because that is part of his value system. He doesn’t do it because it is mandated by government, you or anybody else. This IS a cost increase that somehow he is managing, again, it is voluntary on his part. He should be applauded for this as being a leader, but, nooooo. That’s not good enough.
              In general, Culvers model contains school kids @ minimum wage and full time employees @ a better rate w/benefits.
              Guess what? Wave the magic 10.10 wand and all will make 10.10 w/o benefits. That’s not really what we’re after is it?
              Culver is respectful that there are tiers of employees vs. a one size fits all and his message is for others to follow. Maybe wishful thinking.

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