4 thoughts on “Scott Walker: making it harder to vote & easier for lobbyists to buy votes

  1. The graphic needs one more line: “…and then ran off to Vegas to audition for Sheldon Adelson”

  2. I have yet to figure out how a 2 week window of opportunity of 11 hours a day cannot work for most peoples schedules for early voting. I work 10 to 11 hours a day 5 days of the week and probably 60 percent of the Saturdays in a year and I can make the early voting schedule work for me.
    I think one of two things is happening if people can’t make the early voting schedule work for them. One, they aren’t that motivated to vote to begin with or secondly, too many people procrastinate until the last minute causing a log jam of voters. Neither one of those is Gov. Walkers fault although it is easiest just to blame him.

    1. I’m certain everyone is exceedingly happy to hear you are such a clever fellow, Boba, in exercising your civic right to vote. Not usually one to judge a book by its cover, your sense of fashion immediately suggests to me otherwise (that part about being clever, that is).

      From your privileged position of (assuming that is you in the photo) being a full-time employed, single white male, who likely owns a car and though you’ve failed to mention the population density in your voting precinct or ward (a fact pertinent to the voters intended to be suppressed by this legislation) it is not surprising at all that you have yet to figure it out.

      Your racially bigoted stereotypical dog whistles about a segment of eligible voters being too lazy and too stupid to figure out how to get around the tighter restrictions on the opportunity to vote are just that, your racial bigotry and your blaming the victims of the election rules changes. Own it.

      And it is very easy to blame Walker because he made a choice and could have vetoed this bill and sent it back to the legislature. Instead, WI taxpayers will now likely have to foot the bill for our partisan AG to be defending this unconstitutional POS voter suppression bill against the law suits that will surely follow.

      These are bills that no one in the state wanted except for those who have been incapable of governing this state and whose only goal for the state is to cheaply sell off OUR public wealth and heritage and healthy well-being, to their rich corporate patrons and to hold onto their legislative power the only way they can. Through voter suppression and through doing the bidding of those with the out of state big money to finance their campaigns.

  3. The worse thing is – No one is covering it! My wife didn’t even know about it until right now when typing these comments. Wisconsin Public Radio barely touched it the next day. The local papers wrote little blurbs about it. But really, not much. What the hell is wrong with this State’s media?

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