Sen. Carpenter should sue Wisconsin Club for Growth for Libel

A couple of years ago, some wiseacre signed me up for the Wisconsin Club for Growth mailing list, and every Wednesday, WCfG drops a turd in my inbox. Today’s top story?

Last Tuesday night State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) soiled a state senate debate by saying in plain English that State Senator Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) “hates the Blacks and Latinos.”

You read that correctly. Right there in plain English in an email that went to who knows how many people, the Wisconsin Club for Growth accused my friend (and my state senator!) Tim Carpenter of saying that Mary Lazich “hates the Blacks and Latinos.” I took a picture in case you don’t believe me that that is what the email said:

This email pretty blatantly slanders Sen. Carpenter. He should sue.
This email pretty blatantly libels Sen. Carpenter. He should totally sue.

The reason you might not believe me when I say that the WCfG accused Carpenter of saying Lazich “hates the Blacks and Latinos” is because, you know, Carpenter never said that. In the heated debate over a bill that would restrict early-voting hours in large cities with lots of early voting, Carpter said this: “I know the senator from the 28th hates Milwaukee, she hates the poll workers, she hates that blacks and Latinos are coming out–” at which point he was cut off by Lazich objecting to his remarks.

This is, you will notice, not what WCfG claimed Carpenter said.

That’s because the initial reporting on the debate completely misquoted Carpenter, a fact owned up to by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the paper that misquoted him. “No, he did not say, as we originally thought, that Lazich hates blacks and Latinos,” the paper admitted–on March 12, a full week before WCfG’s email went out today. John Peterson had the audio from WPR a week ago; Carpenter himself directed you (pdf) to exactly where on Wisconsin Eye (which won’t let anyone embed or otherwise use their video) you can see and hear his words a week ago.

For a week, Wisconsin Club for Growth has has access to printed, audio, and video evidence of what Carpenter actually said, all of which it ignored, because they want to play the victim.

What? Conservatives playing the victim card when in fact they are the ones doing wrong? I know, I know, I could hardly believe it myself. But here’s what they say:

Let any Republican lawmaker yell a defamatory accusation of racism at a Democrat, and every smarmy editorial page in the state will scream for his resignation and beat the drum for a civil suit. Here, though, a web search failed to locate the word “resign” anywhere near “Carpenter.”

Yes. This is all about you, WCfG, you poor, poor victims. When you get called on your racism, your best defense is to straight-up lie about a Democrat. Great work!

Anyway, I am hoping there’s a lawsuit here. As I have said before, IANALBSIPOOTI, but this seems cut and dried to me.


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  1. For extra fun today, google “Lazich” and “March Madness”. She (in her typical ole school marm fashion) excoriates anyone who participates in the best sporting event of the year. Shame on all you bracketeers!!!! It would be humorous, but you have to consider she is serious!!!

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