Sister says convicted ex-Walker aide’s life is ruined

Cry me a river…

The sister of Kelly Rindfleisch, the former deputy chief of staff for Scott Walker, has launched an attack on Milwaukee County prosecutors, accusing them of ruining Rindfleisch’s life with their John Doe investigation.

In a letter to the editor of the Baraboo News Republic, Anne Hollinsed said her sister can’t get a job because of the probe. Sources have said Rindfleisch is now the subject of a second investigation.

“Kelly’s life has been ruined by the hatred of Scott Walker in this state,” Hollinsed wrote in the Friday letter. “She can’t find employment because of the overreaching single felony conviction she received by a Democratic judge.”

She concluded: “The overreach in this case is alarming and downright scary when a government worker can be convicted of something so miniscule to satisfy the agenda of those who’ve made political warfare their top priority.” 

Two things stand out about this:

  1. First of all, Kelly Rindfleisch plead guilty to the crimes she was accused of, so it’s not as if she was “railroaded” on patently false allegations. In my experience, truly innocent people (especially those who can afford high-priced lawyers like Franklin Gimbel) don’t plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit.
  2. It’s also important to keep in mind that the only person to blame for Kelly Rindfleisch’s conviction is Kelly Rindfleisch. Rindfleisch absolutely knew that engaging in campaign-related work while on the clock at a taxpayer-funded job was illegal, given her role in the caucus scandal, and blaming anyone else for her current predicament is simply an attempt to divert blame away from the guilty party.

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10 thoughts on “Sister says convicted ex-Walker aide’s life is ruined

  1. Zach, thanks.

    This is too funny and tragic.

    “Individual responsibility,” is just for Democrats.

    JS comments are worth a read on this.

  2. Here’s a novel idea… clear her name and her soul by coming clean and telling John Doe all that went on behind the closed doors within the Milwaukee County Executive’s office while Walker sat in the big chair. She could exchange her treasure trove of knowledge and information for immunity from further prosecution and in so doing call into question the immunity given to all those who participated in the scandal but didn’t have to pay. It has always been suggested that the “TRUTH” will set you free. I bet her good friend Scott Walker with all his connections to the rich and powerful could find her lucrative employment if she just asked or even if she suggested that she was going to tell all that she knew!

  3. How about restoring her good name by telling the truth. She can avoid further prosecution by telling all that went on in Walker’s offices and the secret e-mail system to John Doe 2 in exchange for immunity. This might put her former co-workers whom were given immunity in jeopardy if her version counters theirs but so be it. As for employment I don’t understand why her good friend Scott Walker with his connections to rich and powerful employers can’t secure her a job. Perhaps if she informed him that she going to cleanse her soul with an outpouring of the truth he might move with more speed to assist her.

  4. Hardly a PSA but the letter certainly sounds like Paid Political Announcement. I find it hard to believe that Kelly’s sister Anne isn’t doing the family values thing and helping out with the situation, i.e. offering Kelly a position keeping the books or something at Jayars Foods, LLC and seemingly only using this situation of Kelly’s conviction to do some partisan whining and railing.

    There must be at least one minimum wage job there stuffing, mixing or smoking sausages and other prepared meats processed from carcasses.

    Maybe Walker will call a special season to raise the minimum wage to help out his old friend Kelly. She could call and ask him, “where’s the beef?”

    1. I’ll throw this speculation out. This LTE from the sister was a not-too-thinly veiled message to Scott Walker and WIGOP from Ms. Rindfleisch. The price for her silence is getting steeper. She’s already fighting one sentence and appears to be looking at new charges from Son of Doe.

      “Rindfleisch, O’Keefe identified as subjects in John Doe probe”

      IANAL, but I read that February piece from Dan Bice as the prosecutors “inviting” Rindfleisch and O’Keefe to flip.

      1. Thanks for that take on the situation. I remembered the linked article but reviewing it was useful. So maybe this is sisterly love and concern, coming at it from a different angle?

  5. Somehow I don’t think Kelly is in Georgia Thompson’s league, if you want an example of a public employee being railroaded to destruction. Who knew that the Scott Walker haters had so much power in this state? It sure doesn’t look that way from where I’m sitting.
    She must have forgotten to keep her copy of the Koran on her desk.

  6. Pass the puffs…

    “Hatred” for Walker didn’t do her in..her love for being in his dirty inner circle did. No sympathy here.

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