The right-wing attacks on Jon Richards: what are they worried about?

Earlier this week, right-wing propagandists at Media Trackers and Right Wisconsin posted two attacks on Democratic Attorney General candidate Jon Richards. While the attacks against Richards focused on two different issues, it’s notable (at least to me) that the attacks seemed coordinated, as they were posted just hours apart on the same day. The attacks also come as I’m hearing rumors about polling that doesn’t look good for Republican Attorney General candidate Brad Schimel if matched against Jon Richards in the general election.

Given that we’re over seven months out from election day and the Democratic nominee for Attorney General has yet to be decided, why do the right wing propagandists at MediaTrackers and Right Wisconsin feel compelled to attack Jon Richards? I’m betting it’s because they know that he may be the most formidable Democrat to run against Brad Schimel in the fall, and perhaps it’s because they’re nervous that Brad Schimel’s lackluster campaign is already in serious trouble.


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10 thoughts on “The right-wing attacks on Jon Richards: what are they worried about?

  1. Worried.

    Or the coordination might be a distraction to take some pressure off of Schimel. He’s just been handed a very hot and toxic potato by the name of Bill Kramer. Bill Kramer of DC and return flight shenanigans fame and whom “allegedly” has yet ANOTHER sexual assault complaint being reviewed by Schimel’s department.

  2. Jon who? Oh, you mean the Koch Klan is scared sxxxless of the Democratic AG candidate, Jon Richards?

    That’s good news; then Jon Richards must be Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous,Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent, unlike the current AG outfit who is a defender, enabler, and lying mouthpiece for Wisconsin’s current evil GOP empire led by the KK, Alec, and Walker.

    But not to worry; the attacks by the “right wing propagandists” also are the best advertising or endorsement the electorate can get for a competent, fair, truthful AG such as Jon Richards.

    That’s the way I see it.

  3. Zach, are these rumors of polling not looking good for Schimel if he has to face Richards in the general election coming from sources close to Schimel’s campaign and/or Republican/conservative organizations?

  4. Jon’s a good man and a good legislator. But he’s a nightmare candidate for AG: strong in the primary but weak in the general. The ads write themselves when you’re running a career prosecutor like Schimel against a career politician like Richards. (“Never prosecuted a single criminal….) I’ll vote for whichever of the other two Dem candidates (both DAs) is polling better the week before the election.

    1. Hey Perry, I’d much rather have someone who has a clue about what the laws are and their intents when they’re being made. And most importantly, I care about whether they will hold ALL criminals to account, and not owe favors or look the other way.

      We know Schimmel would do that, heck, he already did when he threw the Scott Jensen trial. And I trust Richards far and away to be the one to do the right thing when it comes to holding the rich and powerful accountable.

      Ozanne has too much Act 10 baggage (I’d rather he be working on John Doe Deux) and I don’t know nearly enough about Happ, other than my constantly thinking “I’m not seeing it.” But this is more a pro-Richards thing with me- the guy has the chops for statewide office, and especially over a Walkershaw County hack like Schimmel.

      1. Susan Happ said in a debate a couple of weeks ago that she wanted to build a working relationship with Scott Walker if both Walker and Happ win their elections.

        That’s basically Happ’s way of saying that she’d protect criminals like Scott Walker if elected AG.

    2. Perry, how many criminals does the Attorney General personally prosecute? I can’t remember the last time I heard about J.B. Van Hollen marching into a courtroom anywhere in Wisconsin to personally prosecute a criminal case, so I’m not really seeing how that experience matters.

      And heck, it’s not as if Brad Schimel’s prosecutorial record is all the great; case in point being Schimel’s decision to essentially give Scott Jensen a free pass on misconduct in public office.

  5. Yup – Brad is not a friend of conservatives. He’s been way too cowardly. But, now he is being very brave as he – thru one of his minions, Leslie Boese, just charged a friend of mine with a misdemeanor. She is 66 years old. What she did has been done by many people with no charges from the DA. But, she is a Conservative Christian so it made the news. And, Brad had to bow down to the liberal media. So, thru Ms. Boese, He charged her. You can hear Ms. Boese on You Tube telling this Grandma that she needs to be charged to “send a message to the community.” MMMM no one else has been. I guess my friend, the Grandmother, is an easy target. Coward – yes indeed!

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