VIDEO: Constituent confronts Rep. Paul Ryan for his racist comments

On Wednesday night Republican Rep. Paul Ryan came back to his home district for a town hall event, and things didn’t quite go according to plan.

While the vast majority of those in attendance appeared to be white senior citizens, there was at least one African-American gentleman, Alfonso Gardner, who stood up to confront Rep. Ryan on his recent racist comments.

Here’s some video of Alfonso Gardner confronting Rep. Ryan.


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10 thoughts on “VIDEO: Constituent confronts Rep. Paul Ryan for his racist comments

  1. The first person to claim racism is usually the racist, a cop out and an avoidance of the issue.
    This is nothing more than a fraction of society poised and ready to over react in a reverse discriminatory way every time someone speaks and they hear something they don’t like.

  2. Rob Zerban is also challenging Ryan in more ways than.

    Rob recently e-mailed me, “Duane– Paul Ryan is in the district this week, confusing voters by showing them complicated graphs ‘proving’ President Obama is either a lawless despot or a spineless pushover. It depends on who he’s talking to and typically changes daily.”

    And,”…Ryan is consistent on one message: ‘Struggling families have only themselves to blame. After all, poverty really just affects ‘lazy inner city men,’…”


    Obviously Ryan does not get the message of his spiritual leader, Pope Francis, to prioritize and increase our effort to help the “neediest among us.” Our Wisconsin representative, Ryan, is just one more Republican whose ideology trumps his Catholic conscience.

    1. D12, Your rants are hilarious. I would expect nothing good from Zerban regarding Ryan.
      They are in opposite parties! Hellooow.
      The rest is putting words in Ryan’s mouth and deliberately twisting them to confuse folks. Nice work D12.
      Let me help you, Ryan was commenting on a cycle of failure that he believes exists. Nothing to do with race, not helping people in need or most else you cry about. Now I don’t know for sure, but, I suspect Ryan would rather provide a job, an opportunity that builds self worth, builds communities and pays bills. This can work for some inner city folks, but maybe not all. So let’s remove the capable by giving them a job, then take care of whose left. Or as you promote just throwing everyone a life line from nowhere and keep crying about it.
      And your pious rants show your weaknesses. Clean it up, geez.

      1. Hey, I agree with Alfonso. So you believe he is the racist? And Pope Francis’ compassion is too extreme or radical for the “lily white” Ryan?

        Poor Ryan; nobody loves an “insurance agent.”

        1. Ryan is no more a racist than you Duane.
          Chucking rocks isn’t a solution. That’s my point. And most attempted points at BB. A minority listens and understands. I’m not giv’in up though.

  3. IG, you are obviously not “independant.”
    Your “just throwing everyone a life line from nowhere” line is extremely pious, and belittles those who don’t think along with your ideology.
    Poverty is a serious, life-and-death problem in America. Hellooow! Poverty exists in both urban and rural settings.
    Ryan’s “lazy inner city men” quote came at CPAC, where he said it as part of his justification for cutting and outright stopping government programs to protect the poor and needy among us. This is about survival.
    Poverty comes from lack of opportunity to have jobs. Life in poverty is miserable, hardly a life someone would consciously choose.
    Your attitude plainly shows “an avoidance of the issue,” which doesn’t
    help “…inner city men.”

  4. Onevote, welcome to Blogging Blue.
    If you have a comment regarding the blog, let’s her it.
    Commenting on a commenter you know nothing about is not very useful.

  5. I wish statistics were a required course in WI high schools. Toward the end of the semester, kids would be introduced to regression analysis. It allows you to identify the UNIQUE influence of multiple given causes on a given effect. In practically EVERY study of ANY behavior, once you introduce income, education and occupation into the equation, race has almost ZERO influence on whatever behavior is being studied. The small difference that exists? Conservatives and liberals have very different ideas as to what the reason may be, and Ryan is illustrative of that rift.

    1. jimspice, are you saying that the gang of white youths who chased my black friend and I, wearing our USAF uniforms, back to the safety of a train station in a large southern city on a layover en route from our base in Wyoming to a new assignment in Florida during the Korean War era were not racist?

      I can’t accept Ryan’s remarks are not racist and/or pandering to racists. I also reject your OPINION that “race has almost ZERO influence on whatever behavior is being studied.”

      1. Duane, that’s NOT what I’m saying. Statistics do not shed light on any particular incident. That is called an anecdote. Statistics make broad statements about behavior across many, many particular incidents, and assess the relative impacts of various factors, while controlling for other factors. I was not making a statement about whether Ryan’s statement was racist. It was. I was make a statement on whether it was accurate. It was not.

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