Why is Scott Fitzgerald blocking oral chemotherapy coverage?

Why is State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald blocking a bill that would mandate health insurers provide coverage for oral chemotherapy? I’m inclined to agree with Worley Dervish’s assessment.

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6 thoughts on “Why is Scott Fitzgerald blocking oral chemotherapy coverage?

  1. I think a better question is; “Why hasn’t Walker stepped in and with a wink and a nod to Vos and Fitzgerald gotten this bill to his desk?” Could it be that his office is orchestrating the demise of this bill? How else is it that the Republican authors and backers of this bill have all fallen silent and expressed no outcry of public outrage at Fitzgerald’s actions. It would seem that powers from on high have told them to fall in line and go mute on this issue lest they’ve forgotten that the insurance industry crosses their palms with lots of green!!!!! Looks like Walker, Vos and Fitzgerald have made a moral and ethical decision that money has more value to them than treatment for Wisconsin’s cancer victims.

  2. Simple answer: MONEY TALKS–
    According to Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, Scott Fitzgerald received $59,279 from the insurance interests for his campaign fund. His brother, Jeff (now a lobbyist for insurance), received $29,870 from the insurance interests who are opposed to requiring coverage for cancer chemotherapy.

  3. Anyone who calls himself a Catholic and a member of the Knights of Columbus, and is pledged to serve the people. but blocks insurance coverage for treatment of cancer is without a conscience, is betraying his oath of office, and has sold his soul to the highest bidder.

    Their act is a crime against humanity.

  4. It sounds like it may come to a vote. http://www.newsdaily.com/health/113f6050e94d8f89e67cca4e1def8ffd/democrats-keep-pressure-on-gop-over-cancer-drugs
    Also heard on the news that Gov. Walker commented favorably on the topic.
    Government is usually slow.

    I honestly don’t know the issues that are in the way. I understand oral drugs are generally much more expensive, so that is a valid concern. I do not understand if oral is better, different, more effective than chemo and in what cases.

    Like most, our families have been touched by cancer and we have some understanding of oncology, radiation, chemo, quality of life and more. It’s a complicated area.

    Sounds like we’ll see come Thursday.

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