Brett Hulsey announces candidacy for governor

No doubt hilarity will ensue…

Democratic Assemblyman Brett Hulsey is running for governor, according to a news release issued Monday.

Hulsey said he has a plan to invest $1.2 billion to create clean energy jobs, increase job training, invest in public education and reverse tax increases and protect communities against strip mining. He said he would also create a state park out of an area in northern Wisconsin under consideration for an iron ore mine.

Hulsey said he would reverse pay cuts to government workers and strengthen workers’ rights.

While announcing his candidacy, Hulsey wasted no time taking a shot at the personal wealth of fellow Democrat Mary Burke, saying, “I’m a regular working person. I make about what the typical Wisconsinite makes. I’m running against a rich millionaire, who’s clearly sort of out of touch with Wisconsin.”


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4 thoughts on “Brett Hulsey announces candidacy for governor

  1. Just saw someone on Facebook briefly support Brett Hulsey until meeting him in person and switching his support to Mary Burke.

    There are very few Democrats out there who I would support Mary Burke over in a Democratic primary, but Brett Hulsey is one of them. He’s unfit for public office.

  2. Mary Burke must really be scaring the Koch boys. Looks like they’re really worried about their Walker investment. No doubt it’ll kill any 2016 Presidential run if Scotty looses to Burke in 2014.

    The problem for Democrats is that Hulsey will kill any advantage the notoriety of a primary might give Burke, because Bret’ll take Democrats back to the same old street fighting pitch that got most every Wisconsin Democrat but Vinehout and Kind clobbered in 2010.

    1. I’ll politely disagree with both your assertions Cat.

      Hulsey has not spoken one ISSUE IDEA in his announcement that Mary Burke, Mike Tate and every anal, timid, anemic county Democratic party leadership caucus in the state should have been shouting from the freaking roof-tops to this point. If Burke wishes to beat Hulsey, all she needs to do is accept the real and to the heart, absolute VALUE of the ideas Hulsey has stated, explain her reluctance to do so until NOW and place those ideas squarely in the fore-front of her campaign.

      Burke has thus far failed to speak a MESSAGE that resonates so clearly and simply to everyday voters who don’t have the time to follow the nuances and details of politics the way some of us news junkies and political junkies attempt to do.

      Thank Hulsey profusely for his INVALUABLE input and the INSPIRATIONAL LANGUAGE of his POPULIST MESSAGE and adopt it, fully. Give him the salary of any two of Burke’s totally UNIMAGINATIVE campaign managers and then offer him a position as campaign press secretary. Team Burke wouldn’t know a righteous POPULIST message even if one kicked them in the ass and one just did. I’ll reserve further judgement on their cognitive abilities for a few days.

      Cat, your implication that Burke is scaring Walker is absurd if (as I am interpreting your comment) as you seem to be saying, that Hulsey’s entry into the race indicates some ploy sponsored by the Kochs.

      Walker’s announced executive action with extending family care today is more along the lines of what he will be doing if he fears he is not popular enough to retain more moderate Republicans going into the summer.

      Of course, if elected again, Walker will be going after the state-worker pension fund to privatize it somehow and, “right to work,” for nothing legislation, and greasing the skids for the anticipated more than tripling of Koch-tarsand crude they wish to see passing through or near WI either by pipe, rail or Great Lakes routes, and needed further relaxation of environmental concerns to freely do so.

  3. Brett Hulsey is putting on a total side show and I think Mary Burke should keep running a campaign based on the Wisconsin Economy slumping.

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