Caterpillar announces new layoffs at South Milwaukee plant

Apparently the powers that be at Caterpillar didn’t get the memo from Gov. Scott Walker that Wisconsin is “Open for Business.”

Caterpillar Inc. has laid off about 60 more employees at its South Milwaukee plant as the company struggles through a slow period in mining equipment sales and adds to the hundreds of layoffs from last summer.

The latest job reductions, effective April 14, are for an undetermined period of time, the company said Monday.

Sixty employees will be laid off, while an additional 48 could be moved into different positions at the plant as a result of the layoffs, according to the United Steelworkers union.

This latest round of layoffs at the Caterpillar plant in South Milwaukee comes after the company had laid off 400 employees in Milwaukee and South Milwaukee in 2012 and 2013.


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9 thoughts on “Caterpillar announces new layoffs at South Milwaukee plant

  1. Maybe jut maybe Governor Walker will realize he isn’t in charge of the world economy. And maybe the red hot mine supporters will pay attention to this quote from the article: “Then demand sputtered for mined materials and the machines used to extract them from the ground.”

  2. Or maybe the Obama administration opposing mining and trying to stop the business has had a major cause and effect on mining companies…..

  3. So … let’s stop the iron mine in Iron County? How will that help Caterpillar? (Assuming that you are interested in creating jobs and not outlawing them.) [Zach: Is asking a question trolling? Is contesting an unexamined belief trolling?]

    1. I fail to see how stopping an open pit iron mine in the northwoods caused layoffs at Caterpillar, especially in the context of the quote Ed cited from the very article I linked to.

      “Then demand sputtered for mined materials and the machines used to extract them from the ground.”

      This is an issue of demand for mined materials, not an issue of failure to open a mine.

    2. I was just wondering out loud why anyone would continue to pursue a new mine when the demand for iron ore and other mined metals is currently in decline. Caterpillar employment is clearly being negatively impacted by the decline in mining activity. Simple observation…other simple observation…there sure is a plethora of Caterpillar products working along my route to work each day.

      But I was also making a point…that in a world market…local government has less and less influence on local economies.

    3. David,

      When are those commercial fishing jobs coming back to Lake Michigan?

      “The Decline of a Once-Great Fishery”

      Thanks to the oligarchs and their minions (Charlie Sykes, Mike Grebe), all those costs for destroying commercial fishing got “socialized” onto the taxpayers. And no one was ever held accountable.

      No one is opposed to mining as long as its done responsibly. The current WIGOP plan is just another wealth-transfer to the elites, while socializing the environmental costs onto the taxpayers. That’s why we oppose it.

      “Conserve,” is the root of “conservative.”

    4. David,

      There’s a Cat backhoe in this photo.

      Thanks to you climate change deniers, flooding is a big part of Milwaukee’s future.

      “Double Trouble: More Midwestern Extreme Storms”

      So we need tons of back hoe’s in Wisconsin doing the same kind of work Poblocki Paving’s doing in the first link.

      We need to rethink flood plain, swales, all kinds of topological approaches to the deluges that are headed our way. The federal government could be funding 99% of that work, but your guy Paul Ryan, wants to keep federal taxes high.

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