Marina Dimitrijevic response to successful County Board referendum: we need a task force!

This is more than a little funny…

Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic said she’ll work to strengthen the board in the face of the referendum vote, while others proposed switching to night County Board committee meetings by the end of the year.

Dimitrijevic said in a statement she will appoint a task force “charged with strengthening the legislative branch.” She declined an interview request.

Dimitrijevic’s task force will make recommendations on changes to the board’s operations for 2016, her statement said.

Pardon me if I don’t have high hopes for Marina Dimitrijevic’s task force, considering the last time she took any meaningful action to “reform” the County Board it involved her spearheading redistricting that got rid of one seat on the County Board – and a seat held by a conservative no less.

(And I promise this is the last post of mine for a few days)


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