Scott Walker – Intimidated

Once again The Worley Dervish nails it.

I’d love to hear someone from Gov. Walker’s reelection campaign explain why he can’t be bothered to hold any public events to announce his reelection campaign, instead choosing carefully choreographed private events.

What exactly does Gov. Walker think he has to fear from interacting with the “unwashed masses?”


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10 thoughts on “Scott Walker – Intimidated

  1. I’m not part of the reelection campaign, but, I’ll take a stab at it.
    1) This is politics.
    2) Sadly, the supply of sour grapes is infinite so why expose yourself to them. See #1.

    1. Which sour grapes are those? According to the commercial that his campaign committee is running it’s Morning in Wisconsin! Everyone’s smiling and hopeful and living in a bright new cheery colorful world — not like the bad old days B.S. (Before Scott) of grainy black and white.

      It seems to me that Scott Walker keeps on wanting to have it both ways. Or, really, one way: the way that makes him look good. And if that one way has nothing to do with the truth? Well, as you say, this is politics. SKW can fool the people with the best of them.

      1. MCV – did you notice how the Scotty ad glowingly mentioned health insurance? Not Medicaid-related, I assume.
        Please run for President, Governor Walker. Coverage outside of WI will be the only way we’ll be allowed to see the real you.

  2. This is going to be one of the most scripted and tightly controlled gubernatorial races in the nation. One can see the high-priced political consultant’s hands on almost every detail as Walker plans to run for president. I very much disagree with Walker on almost everything but have to admire his political skills and ability to stay on message. Whatever money he is spending for his out-of-state handlers they are doing a good job for him. He plays the game quite well, indeed.

  3. Problem is, the Media are so thrilled with their “exclusive” invitations to the private events that the coverage Walker gets are better than if he speaks at some public venue.
    Eau Claire WEAU-TV and Leader Telegram daily newspaper were soaked with a beaming Scotty extolling his record of “getting Wisconsin back to work” with over a “hundred thousand new jobs.” While Burke was quietly quoted on how poor Wisconsin’s economy was compared to other states. Definite wins for the John Doe investigated Gov. And another headache for me.

      1. I think of him as a man of the “unthinking.” That is people who react emotionally to anything that makes them feel threatened intellectually or economically Like: the poor needing jobs or healthcare; professors or teachers; homosexuals or addicts; union members, atheists, jews or other nationalities; public protesters of any kind. Trying to consider and implement solutions is anathema to them.

  4. Can’t fault anyone for being tired of hearing nothing but lies and (off his radar) avoidance of any public discussion of the issues. Walker’s continual repetition of lies fortunately has not made believers of any people with even minimally functioning intellects.

    Zach, obviously Walker only fears confronting anything resembling the truth about him, to answer your question. Locally, $40 a plate, (for B list) to see him, if membership (for A list) didn’t reserve all the available seating. Big turnout, no media reported anything about Walker’s speech.

    For what it’s worth, it is a real laugh to hear someone with absolutely no valid answers ask if there are any more questions.

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