Sen. Glenn Grothman Caught Shopping for His Carpet Bag!

Here’s the lead into the story:

Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) announced Thursday he will challenge longtime Republican congressman Tom Petri in the 6th Congressional District.

It seems that long term Representative Tom Petri (R-Too Close To The Middle) has drawn enough tea party ire to attract the likes of Sen. Grothman. The Senator’s explanation for his challenge:

“Like all Americans, I am frustrated by a federal government that seems to be out of control at a time when by many standards our great country is in a state of decline. When looking at a federal debt that has risen to $17.5 trillion and an overall federal budget that has gone up by 68% since 2000. I, like others, am troubled about our country’s future.

“I am even more concerned about the massive trend towards government dependency. The number of people on FoodShare has gone from 17 million as recently as 2001 to 47 million today. The number of people on disability has risen from five million people to almost nine million people in the last thirteen years, all while job safety has improved greatly.

“This rush towards government reliance has lead to the well-documented destruction of the American nuclear family, which will have severe, negative consequences for the next generation.”

There is just one itty bitty little problem…Senator Grothman doesn’t exactly live in the 6th Congressional District. Easily remedied as explained by the Senator:

Grothman conceded he did not currently live within district boundaries, but said he planned to move to Campbellsport in Fond du Lac County. “I don’t think it’s going to be an issue,” he said.

It seems to me the right has complained for some time when non-GOP candidates have moved into districts with the intent to run for office…recently just in fact…but we will hear nary a peep this time.


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