State Treasurer candidate Dan Bohrod thanks State Senate for no action on elimination of Treasurer position

This week Dan Bohrod, a Democratic candidate for the Office of State Treasurer, issued a statement thanking the State Senate leadership for taking no action on a proposal to eliminate the Constitutional Office of State Treasurer. Here’s a bit from Bohrod’s press release:

Assembly Joint Resolution 48, sponsored by Rep. Michael Schraa (Algoma), was previously approved by the Assembly and would have started the process to amend the Constitution to eliminate the State Treasurer, but the bill died without consideration by the Senate.

“I am grateful that Senate leadershlip listened to those who know the value of the State Treasurer,” said Bohrod, “including the essential Constitutional appointment to the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, which manages the $1billion Common School Fund for the benefit of schools and libraries.

“Politicizing the administration of the Common School Fund, especially during a time when schools are scrambling for every dollar, is simply a bad idea,” said Bohrod.

“I look forward now to an election focused not on whether the State Treasurer should serve the public, but how.

“I believe the State Treasurer can and should do much more,” Bohrod continued. “The Constitution envisioned a State Treasurer that would serve as an independent voice of the people to help them make better decisions about State financial management.

“I’ve got 25 years of experience on the front lines of public budgeting and financial management across a variety of State agencies as well as municipal government, and I’ll use that experience to serve the public just as originally intended: to help the public learn about and participate in development of the State’s biennial budget, and other important financial matters.

“With the failure of Rep. Schraa’s bill, the people of Wisconsin spoke loud and clear that they want an elected State Treasurer,” added Bohrod. “I understand that the Representative may be disappointed, but issuing a press release calling Wisconsin taxpayers “fools” is not helpful as we all strive for ideas to make Wisconsin better.”

Bohrod announced in December of 2013 his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for the Fall, 2014 election of Wisconsin State Treasurer. Bohrod ran for the Office in 2010 as well.


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