Is Gov. Scott Walker negotiating a deal with John Doe prosecutor?

In my experience, innocent people don’t make deals with prosecutors…

Until now, the newspaper’s editorial page has defended Walker against what it says is an unconstitutional violation by prosecutors of his campaign’s free speech rights. In Wednesday’s editorial, the newspaper attacked Walker, alleging that his attorney was negotiating with prosecutors at a time when they are facing legal setbacks.

“Sounds like Mr. Walker has to decide whose side he’s on — his own, or the larger principles he claims to represent,” the editorial reads.

A source with knowledge of the probe confirmed to the Journal Sentinel on Wednesday that other conservatives caught up in the probe are worried that the attorney for the Walker campaign, Steven Biskupic, is not being aggressive enough with prosecutors and not acting in their best interests.

But remember folks…according to Gov. Walker and his Republican lackeys, there’s nothing to see here, so just move along…


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2 thoughts on “Is Gov. Scott Walker negotiating a deal with John Doe prosecutor?

  1. I’m hoping that something comes out of this that ends SKW’s political career once and for all. Not holding my breath though.

    But, I’m still waiting for a reporter to investigate and tell us who the apparently, “out-of-wedlock” child is (and of course who the mother of this child or children is) that caused SKW to leave Marquette early, family commitment and all, thereby missing getting a college degree.

    Discovering his “love child,” would be a bigger reason for his conservative base to shun him in this election cycle than any kind of political proven dishonesty and/or illegality is going to do, sad to say.

  2. The Governor denies that the Investigating Committee has any authority, so no negotiations are possible. He speaks in Chippewa Falls today. I wasn’t invited.

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