Brostoff releases position paper on jobs

Last week Democrat Jonathan Brostoff, one of four Democrats running in the 19th Assembly District, released his position paper on the future of Milwaukee’s economic development.

Here’s Brostoff’s economic development plan.

“With the latest data that has been released and our governor’s poor record in helping create jobs in our state and in Milwaukee, we have seen that we need a re-energized, fresh approach to economic development,” said Brostoff.

According to the latest jobs figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wisc​​onsin ranked 35th in job creation between 2010 and 2013 and dead last in the Midwest during that period.

“While other states used the Great Recession to reset priorities and find innovative solutions to the crisis, our governor fought for recycled ‘pro-business’ policies that helped few while making a promise to our citizens about jobs that he knew he couldn’t keep,” said Brostoff.

“We need a holistic economic solution that works for us all, not just those with the most,” said Brostoff. “We need to start by addressing transit in our region, reinvesting in education, and developing the next sustainable economy.”

“We can move Wisconsin forward by truly supporting our small businesses while encouraging innovation in clean technologies and promoting our region’s water cluster,” said Brostoff. “We have many strengths in Wisconsin and in Milwaukee. We need to re-focus on effective, progressive economic solutions that benefit everyone in Wisconsin.”


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