Democratic Party of Wisconsin establishment pick their candidate in 17th State Senate district

Not sure how I missed this, but last month Democratic State Senate Minority Leader Chris Larson endorsed the candidacy of Pat Bomhack in the race to succeed retiring State Sen. Dale Schultz, despite the fact that Bomhack isn’t the only Democrat running to succeed Sen. Schultz.

Democrat Ernie Wittwer jumped into the race last October, but his fund raising lagged Republican candidate Howard Marklein. About a week ago, Democrat Pat Bomhack decided he would run. Democratic Minority Leader Chris Larson, D-Milwaukee, says Bomhack is the better candidate, saying he has the work ethic and the attitude that will help him win.

While I can understand the desire of the Democratic Party bosses to anoint their preferred candidate in the race in the 17th State Senate district, it’s disappointing to see that once again the Democratic Party bosses seem to think they know better than Democratic voters when it comes to choosing which Democrat they want in the general election.


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5 thoughts on “Democratic Party of Wisconsin establishment pick their candidate in 17th State Senate district

  1. hmmmm…I am not seeing this quite the same as you are. Although Senator Larson is the minority leader in the Senate (and certainly influential in the state party as well), he isn’t technically a party leader per se and his personal endorsement doesn’t actually have the imprimatur of the DPW.

    1. The Senate Minority Leader isn’t a party leader?

      I wholeheartedly disagree, because that would be like saying Peter Barca isn’t a party leader.

  2. Larson is also heading up the State Senate Democratic Committee for this election cycle, and he basically is the party’s voice on these issues. He openly endorsed Bomhack at the DPW convention while speaking in this role, and I can tell you that it was not well-received by some in the crowd.

    The DPW leadership is getting too much of a reputation as a group of insiders who are making all the choices for everyone else. They need to back off on the 17th District.

  3. Bohmback failed to win a democratic assembly seat in a presidential. He’s a stinky turd with no chance of winning a democratic district. Great job by Larson… Again.

    1. Well apparently Sen. Larson likes Bomhack’s chances this time around, despite how badly Bomhack got beaten in the 2012 Democratic primary in the 51st Assembly district.

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