Gwen Moore to have Democratic challenger

Now THIS is interesting!

A former state senator previously convicted of taking kickbacks now says he plans to run for Congress.

Gary George, a Milwaukee Democrat, announced Monday that he will for the seat currently held by fellow U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Milwaukee. He has also submitted his nomination papers with the state Government Accountability Board.

“I’m running for Congress because public service is my calling,” George said in a release. “And Milwaukee desperately needs the results-oriented leadership that I can provide.”

“Since my targeting and forced departure from politics in 2003, the Milwaukee political class has been content to watch its clout and ambitions diminish,” he said. “I cannot, in good conscience, stand idly by as real people suffer and our community crisis worsens.”

In his release, he called Moore a “friend.”

“I respect my friend Gwen Moore and her place in Wisconsin political history, but we need greater urgency and savvy in returning jobs and hope to every corner of Milwaukee County.”

The main crux of Gary George’s argument in support of his candidacy seems to be his assertion that he’ll get results where Rep. Moore has failed, but I’m not entirely sure how Gary George thinks he’ll get results where Gwen Moore hasn’t, considering he’s likely to be part of a continued Democratic minority in the House of Representatives.


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4 thoughts on “Gwen Moore to have Democratic challenger

  1. If Blogging Blue can get an interview with Gary George on some of the key reasons he is running that would be great. From what I recall Gary George acted independently while a member of the Democratic Caucus of the State Senate. That is kind of what got him into trouble, although in that era a lot of legislatures broke laws at the time or supported fellow legislatures who were breaking laws.

    I wonder if Gary George can go in depth on the realities and share more details of his plan for the urban poor in Milwaukee and poor people in general across the nation that the current state and federal.

    1. ” From what I recall Gary George acted independently while a member of the Democratic Caucus of the State Senate. That is kind of what got him into trouble…”

      Ummmmm… he took kickbacks.

  2. Yes he did take kickbacks. Honestly I do not agree with the law baring citizens in Wisconsin with felonies from holding state or local office. The voters should get to decide their representation.

    I like Gwen Moore too but I think Gary George really understands the matters of people not being represented well in Milwaukee County and running for Congress is the only way Gary George can address those issues. My observation is that Gary George is running because he really wants to help make a positive change, not for the prestige of the office.

    Frankly the Democratic Party of Wisconsin should be respecting the Primary Process and allow all democrats running for Congress and Governor speak at the convention in Wisconsin Dells. The delegates should be the ones deciding who they want to support in the primary after seeing the candidates speak, not a committee or executive in the party.

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