National GOP attacks Hillary Clinton using a giant squirrel

This is almost as bizarre as Brett Hulsey’s chicken suit…

Forget about political attack dogs. The Republican National Committee has a giant squirrel.

As former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criss-crosses the country to promote her new memoir “Hard Choices,” the RNC is deploying a person in a massive, orange squirrel costume to attend the events and deliver the message that “another Clinton in the White House is nuts.”

The so-called “HRC squirrel” even has its own Twitter handle and donation page filled with groan-inducing puns like Clinton is “trying to hide her record on #Benghazi the way I hide acorns” and “Don’t squirrel around, vote Republican.”

The RNC said the squirrel will make additional appearances in coming days. “Known for its keen memory, the squirrel recognizes the dangers of a Hillary Clinton presidency and will continue to dig up her record, no matter how hard the liberal media tries to bury it,” the group said in a statement.

The squirrel made its debut in Washington D.C. at George Washington University on Friday, giving high-fives to people standing in a long line waiting for a few face-to-face seconds with Clinton. RNC spokesman Raffi Williams told msnbc that the individual inside the costume was an intern who volunteered for the job.


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10 thoughts on “National GOP attacks Hillary Clinton using a giant squirrel

  1. And somewhere, Creepy Uncle Sam sits alone, sobbing, abandoned for a younger, friskier model.

  2. What a childish chicken shit action by a chicken shit political party. This organization wants to run our country. They treat governance as a joke and as a sit-com!!!!!No wonder congress can’t get anything done, these idiots are running around performing stunts. Hopefully November will bring some serious minded legislators to the fore and the people of this country can get what they pay for.

  3. There is a huge difference between having nuts and being nuts, I’ll let the reader decide which fits the first Clinton. As far a HRC goes, let the GOP waste all the time and money they want on a candidate that no sane, politically left of Dick Cheney voter, should ever want to put into the WH again, in the first place.

    1. ig,

      I’m not getting the squirrel joke. Can you explain it?

      Good to know that you and Hulsey share the same “vision.”

      “Madison Police Report Slams Brett Hulsey”

      “A recently released Madison Police Department report provides previously unknown details about the actions of Wisconsin state Representative Brett Hulsey (D – Madison) in his encounter with a nine-year old boy at Spring Harbor Beach on the evening of July 4. Hulsey pled no contest to disorderly conduct for the incident on August 15….”

      1. Lighten up John. A dood in a squirrel costume passing out political flyers? C’mon, that’s just silly. A peaceful and light hearted protest.

  4. Back to HRC, this time from the financier behind the current trouble in the Ukraine, from a post at FDL,

    It Was All Planned at Yalta’

    “In September 2013, one of Ukraine’s richest oligarchs, Viktor Pinchuk, paid for an elite strategic conference on Ukraine’s future that was held in the same Palace in Yalta, Crimea, where Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill met to decide the future of Europe in 1945. The Economist, one of the elite media reporting on what it called a “display of fierce diplomacy”, stated that: “The future of Ukraine, a country of 48m people, and of Europe was being decided in real time.” The participants included Bill and Hillary Clinton, former CIA head General David Petraeus, former U.S. Treasury secretary Lawrence Summers…”

    You want Hillary in the WH as much as you might want Walker in the White House, but you will not hear the truth about the Ukraine in the US MSM.

  5. It’s all plagiarism…the bit was swiped from the 7th season of West Wing!

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