Republican caught voting multiple times in multiple states

Well isn’t this something?!?!?

Most of the alleged illegal voting occurred during the recall elections in 2011 involving Gov. Scott Walker and GOP state Sen. Alberta Darling of River Hills, but Monroe is also accused of voting multiple times in the 2012 presidential election.

While Monroe claimed to be so disinterested in politics that he had not voted twice in the past 20 years, investigators obtained records using search warrants for his cell phone and computer that paint another picture.

A text message sent from Monroe’s phone on Aug. 4, 2011, urged a woman: “Election is next Tuesday! U better show up. If out of town go to city hall and vote early. Alberta Darling is name to check.”

On May 21 another text read: “Are u and your family ready to vote June 5? I am driving my kids to make sure they cast their votes. Every vote counts.”

Milwaukee County Assistant DA Bruce Landgraf, who is in charge of investigations into election law violations, said he couldn’t comment regarding an ongoing investigation.

During the 2012 recall election of Walker, Monroe voted at least six times: once from a Shorewood home he shares with his girlfriend; once from a home in Milwaukee that is part of a family trust; once from each of those addresses using absentee ballots, and voting absentee using the name of his son and his girlfriend’s son.

Monroe also allegedly voted multiple times in the 2012 election from Milwaukee and Shorewood then driving to Indiana, where he voted using a home he owns there as his residence.


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5 thoughts on “Republican caught voting multiple times in multiple states

  1. Aha! Walker and his moronic mouthpiece, Van Hollen, were correct all along; there IS voter fraud just as they alleged.

    “Elementary, my dear Watson.”

  2. It’s always PROJECTION with GOPs, figuring we’d be as evil as they would be.

    And as mentioned, voter ID would do nothing to stop this, given that this guy showed up in multiple locations as himself.

  3. The “temporary amnesia disorder” claim by this guy is also a nice touch, BTW.

    On a more serious note, I’ve long wondered about GOPs of cheating with absentee ballots like this guy allegedly did. It would sure explain those “massive voter turnout” numbers in the red-voting WOW counties, and why Walker’s recall election totals were a lot better than the exit polls.

    Hey, if AM radio can pollute the airwaves with baseless speculation, can’t I use this incident as a legit base of speculation?

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