22 thoughts on “The lamest defense yet of possible illegal coordination between Scott Walker & third party groups

  1. Two words- PROVE IT. Seriously Scotty, if you know of others, feel free to let us know, and let the public decide.

    C’mon media, ask the simple follow up to this guy! And ask him if he’s still doing it today, and with whom, since he seems proud of it!

  2. Nah, you guys prove it. Another witch hunt that has only lead to more liberal embarrassment and bias reporting. The judge stated that even if Chisholm’s accusations were true they wouldn’t be illegal, backing up the quote above.

    I am sure it’s easier to believe the boogie man in the room, or at least more fun.

    1. Well Stevie, there are about 266 pages of evidence that were released to the public last week that Walker and the right- wing oligarchs were doing this, along with a lot more pages in John Doe 1.

      Where’s the evidence to Scotty’s whining that “everybody does it.” C’mon, he seemed sure of it. Why not name names? C’mon, isn’t he the “Unintimidated” one?

      Or is it like voter fraud, where the GOPs do it, so they assume everyone else does as well?

      1. Agreed Jake, thanks. Oh, from the recesses of my memory over-load about our, “so highly esteemed in such small circles of paid operatives likely to soon be thrown under the bus,” governor, weren’t there some claims made by Mr Unintimidated (I know, the spell checker won’t even accept the term) about he and his mate and his boys being spat upon during the recalls?

        A reward for info leading to the apprehension and conviction of these alleged social deviants was even offered.

      2. This “266 pages of evidence” has resulted in how many charges against Walker?

    1. Then I guess we’ll be hearing the governor announce that he is donating the balance of his criminal defense fund to offset interest on the $4B he borrowed to “balance,” the state budget. Good news day all around. Woot!

    2. On a more serious note, thanks for bringing the link as Politico is purposely off my bookmarks list. The FSW call for Burke to take down her ad is laughable for two reasons. First where’s that right to free speech that FSW and the non-profit, issue advocacy groups he claimed to be behind in the message to Karl Rove. Secondly it is nothing more than a matter of semantics and context that the attorney is calling for recognition of.

      Secondly, Schmidt simply argued that it appeared that Walker, R.J. Johnson and others were in cahoots in an illegal fashion, clearly enough be allowed to proceed with the investigation and that is NOT any different than anything DPW or Mary Burke or news media have reported or repeated.

      Of course Schmidt never originally intended that particular argument to be made public. We can thank the Club for Growth for that. No need to pull either the youtube or the ad buy. That would be akin to saying FSW should pull their dirty dealing ad for the ACTUAL lies and innuendo against Burke it contains. CFG opened the barn door and the horseshit is now all over the public streets.

      1. Thanks Zach,

        Schmitz not Schmidts, sorry. Secondly repeated (doh!).

        The WI State Journal has the facts, and a nice explanation of how certain legal terms are normally used during different phases of discovery in an investigation such as with the term, “target.” They also report Walker admitting to furnishing money to ensure a particular political message was pushed.


        Walker: I raised money for group

        On Thursday, Walker acknowledged raising money for the conservative group Wisconsin Club for Growth, which has been subpoenaed in the investigation, on behalf of Senate candidates during the 2011 recalls because he wanted “to get a strong message to lay out the truth” about his public-sector collective bargaining changes.

        Tough cookies so to speak, that Walker doesn’t “believe,” illegal collusion is illegal collusion. Let the investigation proceed then and see if any indictments follow.

    3. Roland, we need only look to Walker’s past to judge or opine if this latest revelation of illegal campaign violation has legs:

      A mysterious “exit” from Marquette.
      No formal education in the legal, economic, or political science fields.
      Lacks a degree in any field.
      No practical experience on operating a business.
      The “O’Donnell Park Coverup.”
      The illegal privatization of Milwaukee County Courthouse guards.
      A Milwaukee County staff consisting in part of future felons.
      A vain boast to “divide and conquer” Wisconsin state citizens.
      The fake Koch phone call and subsequent conversation.

      What Walker lacks in education and experience to be a governor, he has applied his talent for “chutzpah” in my opinion.

      1. Wonder if he’ll even bother to get his “flex degree” from UW-Madison now that his presidential hopes are dead? Heck, why is he still running for Governor anyway? Shouldn’t he be collecting on his debts and taking a lucrative think-tank job somewhere inside the beltway?

  3. Trademark, Roland, and Dawn, all confirming that Walker’s internal poll numbers say he’s most vulnerable regarding the Doe investigation.

    Ms. Burke needs you guys to keep repeating that Gov. Walker’s NOT the target.

    Here’s my favorite quote: “…..The governor said his legal team did not ask Crocker to issue the statement, and said he is not in negotiations with prosecutors to settle the investigation….

    Trademark, Roland, and Dawn, Is that a threat to O’Keefe and the Koch brothers about what could happen if there are more leaks to the Wall Street Journal editorial page?

    “How Conservatives Screwed Gov. Walker”


  4. All of you indulging in John Doe gossip like a bunch of old ladies at the hair salon are proving to be massive hypocrites. Ever hear of “guilty until proven innocent in a court of law”?

    This “investigation” has been ongoing for years. It has included police raids on private homes and the seizure of property and countless documents, among other tactics. After all that, a federal judge weighing the evidence ordered it shut down. Instead of criminal charges against Gov. Walker, we get allegations heaped upon allegations sufficient to generate headlines like those we’ve seen recently thus revealing the real purpose of this whole “investigation”, which has been to smear the governor and wound him politically.

    At this point, the only charges likely to come out of the John Doe are those related to prosecutorial misconduct, harassment and civil rights violations.

    The willingness by Democrats in this country to use the offices of government to affect elections, from the IRS on down to the Milwaukee Co. DA, is alarming…it’s also tyranny. It damages the credibility of those institutions and deepens our divisions. A major reason for Nixon’s impeachment was his merely “endeavoring” to enlist the IRS into doing his political bidding. Meanwhile, today’s Democrats have succeeded in ways Nixon only dreamed of.

    1. “The willingness by Democrats in this country to use the offices of government to affect elections…”

      Tears streaming down my cheeks I’m laughing so hard. What a marvelous display of total stupidity. Although seriously, anyone gullible enough to write this comment post-2000 is ripe for all manner of scams and frauds. You should perhaps avoid taking phone calls from strangers, maybe ask about the fine print before signing anything, and no, you didn’t really win a free cruise.

    2. C’mon Roland….we all know Nixon was impeached because of his election committee’s direct ties to the men who broke into the Watergate hotel, as well as the fact that Nixon conspired with members of his administration to block investigations into the Watergate break-in by having the CIA falsely claim to the FBI that national security was involved.

    3. Roland,

      The federal judge you referred to is Judge Randa.

      Below is from this week from one of his superiors on the 7th Circuit, Judge Posner (a Reagan appointee) and it’s right on point:

      “….Can so naive-seeming a conception of the political process reflect the actual beliefs of the intellectually sophisticated chief justice? Maybe so, but one is entitled to be skeptical. Obviously, wealthy businessmen and large corporations often make substantial political contributions in the hope (often fulfilled) that by doing so they will be buying the support of politicians for policies that yield financial benefits to the donors. The legislator who does not honor the implicit deal is unlikely to receive similar donations in the future. By honoring the deal he is not just being “responsive” to the political “views and concerns” of constituents; he is buying their financial support with currency consisting of votes for legislation valuable to his benefactors. Isn’t this obviously a form of corruption?”


      That sounds to me like the 7th Circuit will overturn Judge Randa.

    4. Roland,what do you have against “…a bunch of old ladies at a hair salon…” socializing, speculating, and sporting, eventually, a new coiffure?

      On a more serious note, your statement of “All of you indulging in John Doe gossip…are proving to be massive hypocrites” contains a false premise, “gossip,” and a personal attack, “are massive hypocrites.”

      I am not engaging in “gossip” nor am I a “hypocrite” and I will not conduct a personal attack at you in rebuttal. The problem of outside money and its influence is too serious of a problem affecting elections. The articles cited makes my point.

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