Could Robin Vos be Wisconsin’s Eric Cantor?

Last month, former House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost the Republican primary for the seat he held to Dave Brat, a relatively unknown tea party candidate who Cantor outspent by a wide margin. At the time I noted the 2014 election cycle could end up being interesting after all, and here in Wisconsin there’s one race that has gotten very interesting.

For those of you who may not have noticed, in the 63rd Assembly district Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is being challenged in the Republican primary by tea party candidate Bryn Biemeck. While Biemeck is most certainly a long shot to unseat Rep. Vos, she seems to be picking up a little steam, having recently received the endcorsement of Pro-Life Wisconsin.

As I wrote earlier, it’s clear Bryn Biemeck is a long shot to prevail over an entrenched incumbent politician like Robin Vos, but that race should certainly be interesting.


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2 thoughts on “Could Robin Vos be Wisconsin’s Eric Cantor?

  1. Thanks.

    Always nice to see Forced Birth Pro-Life Wisconsin cause problems for a tool of the oligarchs.

    How really committed is Ms. Biemeck?

    Has she ever adopted a fetus and paid for neo-natal care to term?

    Will she support homicide investigations, death certificates, and funerals for all miscarriages?

    There’s no statute of limitations on murder. Among other problems, anyone with an axe to grind can claim a woman’s miscarriage was caused by her poor behavior.

    Pregnant woman fights Wisconsin’s fetal protection law”

  2. Robin Vos needs to go. I think that we should vote for Bryn in the PRIMARY since our candidate in the 63rd has none. She wants to legalize marijuana and get rid of the 1033 program (police state), which in my opinion makes her a much better candidate than Vos. That district is in majority republican. It seems the Republican party has a growing libertarian movement. Better than 2 more years of Vos.

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