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For the past six years the various left and progressive groups have been screaming about the obstructionists in the House of Representatives aided and abetted by Speaker John Boehner. Accused of hewing the company line, being co-opted by the tea party jihad, or out and out racism, the right has done everything in its power to obstruct the agenda of President Barack Obama. And the left wing pundits and bloggers and activists (myself included) have complained ad infinitum. Where’s the co-operation, the bipartisan bills, the working across the aisle we wail? nada, zilch, nothing except more votes to overturn Obamacare or get to the bottom of Benghazi.

Now in one little interview County Board Chair Marina Dimitrijevic says that she as able to work with then County Executive Scott Walker…and the sound of bodices ripping and buttons flying from the shirts of lefties county wide are deafening…the veins bulging from their foreheads or pulsing at their collars brings an unaccustomed red hue to their faces and are visible on Google earth.

One of their supposed one collaborated with the enemy!

So…working with the opposition is good? or it’s bad? Make up your minds!

If this is the point of political discourse nowadays, lets get to some real heavy lifting: what do you think of Marvel’s decision to make THOR a female?


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5 thoughts on “Obama Boehner Walker Dimitrijevic

  1. Ed, I’m not opposed to bipartisan compromise in principle, but we’ve seen NOTHING from Scott Walker to indicate that he’s willing to compromise with Democrats – he’d rather ram through his agenda. Gov. Walker is the most stridently partisan governor in our state’s history, and I’m not sure electing Democrats who are willing to work with him is the best course of action.

  2. After all, we’ve seen what happens when Democrats “work with” Scott Walker – we get Democratic State Senators like Jeff Plale and Russ Decker throwing public employees under the bus as Scott Walker “dropped the bomb” that was Act 10.

    1. Look, if Democrats don’t win the Assembly there isn’t going to be much bipartisanship going on; Republicans are simply going to ram through their agenda as they’ve done in the past.

      If that’s the case, I want a Democrat in the 19th AD who’ll fight that agenda, not try to find ways to work with Republicans to further Republican goals.

  3. I’m with Zach all the way on this one, but as to the important question having been a Thor reader from the start of the Lee/Kirby days thru Simonson and J Michael S I feel this is a huge mistake on par with Killing Peter Parker, look how long that didn’t last. They already did it with Cap Marvel to the detrement of the character I believe, Marvel seems to be more about gimmicks and making money then telling great stories these with a few notable exceptions. Go with Dark Horse, Boom or IDW for some real good comics.

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