Scott Walker’s flip-flop on outsourcing

Back in 2012, Gov. Scott Walker shared his thoughts about what he thought of President Barack Obama’s attacks on his GOP challenger, Mitt Romney, over the issue of outsourcing.

At the time, Walker made it clear that he felt President Obama was attacking Romney on outsourcing to distract voters from President Obama’s poor job performance, saying, “The president’s team desperately does not want to run on his record, so they are desperately trying to have it about anything other than his record.”

Fast-forward to 2014, and Gov. Walker, in a desperate attempt to distract voters from his broken job creation promise, has started running ads attacking Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner Mary Burke for supposedly profiting from outsourcing done by Trek.

It’s amazing what two years – and his own failed job creation record – will do to change Gov. Walker’s mind when it comes to outsourcing as a political attack.


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6 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s flip-flop on outsourcing

  1. I believe Walker actually was “talking out of both sides of his mouth” as depicted at: Such action is hypocritical in my opinion which is more in line with Walker’s deceiving nature.

    “Flip flop” may be defined as a legiimate change of opinion based upon new information or facts.

  2. First half of 2014 campaign reports show that Walker received some $68,000 in funding from several corporations and PACs that have been involved with outsourcing jobs, while Burke’s campaign took in no money from such sources. WKOW in Madison tells the lastest news.

    1. Hmmmm…..difference is, Romney controlled the outsourcing, while Mary Burke didn’t have control over what happened at Trek.

      By the way, I’d love to hear your thoughts on why Gov. Walker has decided to attack Trek now, while earlier in his administration Trek was held up as an example of a great Wisconsin business.

    2. Brian Fraley made the claim on WPR this morning (Cardin) that Trek took state subsidies somewhere along the line from WI, no details as to date or amounts, but Trek created jobs in WI that are publicly announced.

      So far I have seen no actual accountability for WI business reporting jobs created in WI per WI subsidies or tax breaks through Walker’s WEDC. Seems that information would be up front and center if there was anything of note for Walker to take credit for.

      My understanding is that Trek in China is largely producing bicycles for the Chinese market, same as Trek in the EU, (Germany and Spain iirc?) largely for that market.

      Until Fraley’s unsubstantiated and undefined claim this morning, and until I see those numbers (might want to ask your boss troll, squidly) the debate is mute and the difference between the ethics being practiced here is still using a companies OWN profits to expand its business or using WI tax payer’s dollars to off-shore WI jobs.

      Squidly, do you honestly think anyone, seemingly that is aside from yourself, might be a one issue voter? There are at least a dozen key ways that Walker has attempted or succeeded in destroying WI business, denied human rights and equal treatment under the law and is working to sell off the public trust natural resources and our future health and well-being as citizens, to crony corporations.

    3. Not on the same planet. Romney’s job was to wreck companies, wring all the profit out of them, then leave the former workers unemployed .

      Trek makes an actual PRODUCT, and unless Scotty has a problem with businesses in Wisconsin selling products to other countries and off shoring some operations as a result, he’d better shut it.

      Oops, too late! This lame attempt has already backfired badly in the above-ground world. If Burke runs positive ads and point out Walker’s desperation in the face of WEDC corruption, it could put her in the driver’s seat. (If she isn’t already)

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