Seven years and still kicking!

On July 1, 2007 Blogging Blue sprung forth from the ether with this post.

Seven years later, the blog’s still here. Undeniably the last year has not been without challenges, but as always I’m darn proud of what Blogging Blue has become, thanks in very large part to the great group of contributors and commenters we have here. You all are what makes Blogging Blue so great (at least in my opinion), and hopefully we can look forward to many more years of discussing politics.

Thanks again!


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4 thoughts on “Seven years and still kicking!

  1. It’s your consistent and informative content that has made the blog what it is, Zach. Thanks and congratulations.

    1. Thanks, but it’s really folks like you who read and comment who make the blog what it is. Without the debate, this would just be me posting random stuff.

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