Some thoughts on Justin Moralez’s most recent campaign finance report

Last week I wrote about the fundraising efforts of the three Republicans vying for the honor of losing to incumbent Democratic State Rep. Christine Sinicki. As I noted in my report, not only did Cudahy Alderman Justin Moralez end the reporting period with a cash balance of just $635.29, but he also had two expenditures that caught my eye.

The first of the two expenditures by Moralez’s campaign was a $575 contribution to the Fisher House, a contribution that came about as a result of Moralez having accepting contributions in excess of the legal limits for his aldermanic campaign. Curiously, Moralez seemed unaware of the $575 in contributions in excess of the legal limits until May 30, 2014 despite the fact that the last of the excess contributions had been made nearly a year prior.

The second expenditure that caught my eye was the $500 Moralez paid in to Lukas Baker for wages related to Baker’s work as a campaign staffer for Moralez. While paying campaign staff isn’t unusual, what struck me is the fact that Justin Moralez spent $500 of his campaign’s funds to pay for a staffer, especially considering Moralez’s campaign has just $635.29 left on hand. That seems like a foolish expenditure, especially in a race that doesn’t really require the services of a paid staffer.


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