State Senator Nikiya Harris Dodd endorses Jonathan Brostoff

This is a pretty big deal…

“The challenges we face as a city today require fresh, energetic leaders in Madison who will work hard, everyday, to address the needs of our community,” Harris Dodd said. “I have known Jonathan for many years and know he is the right candidate for our neighborhoods — he has what it takes to deliver real results for our city’s residents.”

“Having worked as District Director for our Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson, Jonathan has the policy background that will make him an effective legislator,” Harris Dodd said. “But, what makes Jonathan even more compelling a candidate is that he’s seen the impact public policy has directly on daily lives. Because of his 16 years’ work on the ground in our city’s youth and family shelters, he understands the effect that legislative changes have on our community.”

“I have always admired Jonathan’s work ethic and know his tireless energy will serve the 19th District well,” Harris Dodd said. “He has been working hard on the campaign trail and I know he will work even harder, full-time, as a public servant.”

“Jonathan’s positive work ethic and progressive values are what lead me to support his candidacy,” Harris Dodd said. “I look forward to having Jonathan as my colleague in the state legislature and I hope the 19th District neighbors agree.”

While I understand endorsements by current elected officials aren’t the end all, be all in determining which candidates may emerge victorious on election day, the fact that Jonathan Brostoff has garnered endorsements from more of his potential future colleagues than any other candidate in the 19th Assembly district race says something about what he brings to the table as a candidate, especially considering one of his opponents is an entrenched career politician with strong ties to the Democratic establishment in Milwaukee County.

While the outcome of the August 12 primary in the 19th Assembly district is far from a sure thing, Jonathan Brostoff certainly seems to have momentum at exactly the right time.


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