What do you want to know? Ask questions of AD19 candidates

The Bay View Compass, with the League of Women Voters and the Bay View Neighborhood Association, is hosting a forum for candidates in the race to replace Jon Richards in the 19th assembly district on Monday, August 4th. The full details are here. You should go.

All five candidates, including the four Democrats that Shaina profiled in these very pages and Pirate Party candidate Joe Klein, will be at the forum to answer questions submitted in advance and questions submitted by the audience.

As I have a pretty good relationship both with the Compass and with the internet, I have been tasked with collecting the advance questions that may be posed to the candidates at the forum. You tell me what you want to know from these men and women, and I will pass those questions on to the organizers.

You can get me questions in several ways:

  • leave a comment here–and, please, keep the comments to just questions rather than fighting and trolling
  • email me at folkbum@hotmail.com, with “Candidate Question” in the subject line
  • tweet your questions to me @folkbum


I look forward to reading your questions! Let me have ’em!


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