Wisconsin GAB rules to prohibit the use of cameras by election observers

http://host.madison.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/on-politics/board-votes-that-ban-on-election-observers-using-cameras-should/article_5b7f13b9-25ef-59c1-9f10-c523211fbf9e.html#ixzz3899H011l target=_blank>This is great news for for anyone opposed to nanny-state Republicans who want to get all “Big Brother” on citizens who are exercising their Constitutionally-protected rights.

The state elections board on Monday rejected a proposal to let election observers photograph and videotape voters at the polls.

Republican lawmakers who lead legislative elections committees had suggested the proposal, according to Government Accountability Board director and general counsel Kevin Kennedy.

While the GAB’s ruling will prevent election observers from photographing and/or videotaping voters at the polls on August 12, there’s nothing stopping Republicans from simply changing state law to allow the practice, and that’s why getting Democrats out to vote this fall will be so vitally important. After all, Democratic control of either the Assembly (not likely) or the State Senate (more likely) could provide an important check against Republicans continuing their efforts to make it harder (and more intimidating) to vote here in Wisconsin.


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4 thoughts on “Wisconsin GAB rules to prohibit the use of cameras by election observers

  1. I suggest that the Republicans decide to permit cameras, notebooks, etc back into the legislative galleries before they support intimidation at our polling places.

  2. More @#$*!> intimidation and innuendo behind the GOP out-the-ass accusations of voting irregularities. Aren’t people ever going to get tired of this?

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