Wisconsin’s Medicaid fund faces $93 million shortfall

But remember folks – Gov. Scott Walker is “fiscally responsible.” (emphasis added).

Wisconsin’s Medicaid fund faces a shortfall of $93 million in state tax dollars through the end of the biennium, according to a report sent to members of the Joint Finance Committee.

The shortfall is up from an estimated $20.3 million in March, when the Department of Health Services last sent an update to lawmakers.

,u>The report also noted when taking into account all funds — including federal money — the agency needs to find $232.5 million in savings through June 30, 2015 to balance the fund.

This is yet another example of how poor Republicans are at actually governing, and how patently false their claims of being fiscally responsible really are.


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2 thoughts on “Wisconsin’s Medicaid fund faces $93 million shortfall

  1. How does this relate to all the people kicked off Badgercare earlier this year? Are these ‘childless adults’ on Badgercare some kind of different category that Walker overlooked or somehow isn’t allowed to kick off?
    Because I would think the first solution for this problem in Walker’s Wisconsin would be just to find a way to boot these folks.

  2. Sue- That deficit includes all of the “savings” the program got from tossing tens if thousands of caretakers into the federal exchanges. Cool, huh?

    Of course, this deficit goes away if the state decides to take the expanded Medicaid in Obamacare, which means the state’s share of BadgerCate costs would go from 42% to ZERO. But because Walker would rather score points with the GOP dead-ender crowd than be fiscally responsible or have an ounce of human decency, here we are.

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