Alderman Zielinski: Body cameras should be included in city’s 2015 budget

From my email and my facebook timeline:

Wearable body cameras for Milwaukee police officers should be included in Mayor Tom Barrett’s proposed 2015 executive budget, Alderman Tony Zielinski said today.

The small cameras record the interactions officers have with citizens, and also document calls for service.

“Given current events, I believe these cameras are a good investment which can increase overall police transparency while providing a clear record of what occurs during a given call for service,” Alderman Zielinski said. “I am calling on the Mayor to include body cameras in his 2015 city budget, and if he does not, I will be introducing a budget amendment to include them.”

Alderman Zielinski, chair of the Licenses Committee, said he believes body cameras will become standard equipment for police departments across the U.S. during the next few years. “These cameras offer the public a clear record of what transpired, and for officers who followed the law and followed procedure — but who are wrongfully accused – the footage can provide irrefutable vindication,” he said.

Mayor Barrett will introduce his 2015 executive budget later next month.


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