2 thoughts on “Does Wisconsinhave “limited reserves” or “nearly a billion dollars in surplus”?

  1. It’s Faux News, and unlike them, I’ve seen the numbers. Faux is LYING to the imbeciles that follow them.

    We once had a PROJECTED surplus over a billion- but it was promptly blown in stupid tax cuts, and things didn’t turn our as good as projected. Much like BUSH in 2001, when you think about it.

    Nowadays, the only billion we are near is our billion-dollar deficits in both the General Fund, and the Transportation Fund.

    1. We owe it all to Walker’s Eeek-onomics; cut taxes to the wealthy, create two school systems, allow the idiots at WEDC to give away millions to companies that outsource jobs,or layoff employees, refuse Federal funds or programs which would provide lower cost and/or improve healthcare accessibility, reject hi-speed rail transportation which would provide jobs to name just a few of Walker’s failings.

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