I’ve been banned once again!

Apparently I’ve been banned from commenting on the Facebook page of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office. I’m assuming I was banned after I left a comment on the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page noting that during his time as Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke once attempted to assist a drunk driver get back on the road after said drunk driver had slid off the road in winter weather.

My ban from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page is now the third such ban handed down on me by conservative candidates for office. Dan Sebring banned me from his Facebook page several years ago after I dared question him about his views, and former Democratic State Senator Jeff Plale not only banned me from his page – he blocked me from being able to see it.

I’m not sure why David Clarke and Dan Sebring in particular are so thin-skinned, but I can’t help but wonder if they’re really suited for elected office if they can’t bear a little questioning from those who pay their salaries (in Clarke’s case) or those who they aspire to represent (in Sebring’s case).


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5 thoughts on “I’ve been banned once again!

  1. Mary Jo Walters, who is running in the Democratic primary for Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin, banned me on Facebook after I criticized her for calling Wendi Kent and Kelley Albrecht, two Democratic/progressive activists in Wisconsin (one of which, Albrecht, ran against Robin Vos two years ago), “snakes”.

    1. Walters was endorsed earlier this evening over on Cog Dis but then so was Hulsey and we’re also highly encouraged to cross over and vote for Grothman if we live in that district.

      1. I’m sticking to voting in the Democratic primaries – they’re too important to pass up, especially here in Milwaukee County where we’re trying to get rid of David Clarke.

        1. Yep, plus the game-playing with a vote dishonors those who fought so hard for the right and continue to do so this day.

  2. Old Native American Saying (paraphrase): “A man’s stature is shown by the number of his enemies.”

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