New complaint alleges Republican activist Tamra Varebrook committed vote fraud

Earlier this week, a complaint was filed with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) alleging that well-known conservative activist Tamra Varebrook of Union Grove committed vote fraud on more than one occasion when she voted using an address in the City of Racine. What’s more, the complaint also alleges that Varebrook worked as a paid poll worker at a polling location in the City of Racine while she was a resident of Union Grove, despite the fact that only qualified electors (i.e. those who actually live in the district covered by the polling location) can work as paid poll workers.

Here’s a snippet from the complaint filed against Varebrook.

I allege that: Tamra L. Varebrook, who voted in the Presidential Preference & Spring Election of 2012 (April 3, 2013) in the city of Racine at the St. Edwards polling location,was not a qualified elector at that location and municipality and intentionally used a false residential address, which is a violation of Wisconsin State Statute 12:13(1)(a). Further, I allege that Tamra L. Varebrook worked as a paid poll worker at the Humble Park Community Center polling location for the Spring Primary Election on February 21,2012, in the city of Racine and was at the time, a resident of Union Grove. Tamra Varebrook misrepresented herself as a qualified elections inspector to the Clerk of the City of Racine, and to the Chief Inspector at the Humble Park polling location in violation of Wisconsin State Statute 12:13(1)(b).

I allege Tamra L. Varebrook voted at St. Edwards polling location on that same election day (February 21, 2012) and was not a qualified elector in the city of Racine but instead a resident of Union Grove, a violation of Wisconsin State Statute 12:13(1)(a).

I allege Aubrey Willms knew Tamra Varebrook was using her address as her legal voting address and lied to protect Ms. Varebrook and herself from responsibility in violation of Wisconsin State Statute 12:13(1)(h).

I believe Tamra Varebrook may have voted illegally from this address before these two dates, no less than on six occasions according to VPA records.

In order to bolster its claim that Varebrook voted fraudulently in Racine while living in Union Grove, the complaint notes Varebrook’s daughter was listed in the Racine Journal Times as a student at Union Grove Elementary School starting in 2008 and until 2013.

Here’s a copy of the full complaint against Tamra Varebrook.

GAB complaint against Tamra Varebrook

If the allegations against Tamra Varebrook are true, she’d be perhaps the most high-profile (but not the only) example of conservative vote fraud here in Wisconsin, which would fly in the face of the popular conservative meme that vote fraud is rampant among Democratic voters.


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