Thank You From Marina Dimitrijevic:

Dear Friends,

Thank you.

Last year, I decided to run for the State Assembly because like you, I believe our state is heading in the wrong direction and everyone in Wisconsin deserves a fair shot to succeed.

While we fell short last week, I am so proud of the positive campaign we ran focused on my proven record of results. Thank you to my family, especially my husband Eduardo for your endless support. I truly appreciate the amazing amount of support we received from voters, elected officials, and the working families of organized labor.

Milwaukee needs a strong voice in Madison and I congratulate Jonathan Brostoff on his victory in this primary election.

After speaking with thousands of residents in Milwaukee, I am more energized than ever to continue our progressive victories in Milwaukee County and to take back our state!

With gratitude,



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1 thought on “Thank You From Marina Dimitrijevic:

  1. That’s a very gracious than you from Marina. Though she wasn’t the candidate I would have voted for in that race, she did run a heck of a campaign and she has a lot to be proud of.

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