Vincent Synowicz: the ALEC candidate

There should be absolutely no doubt by now that the influence of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in Wisconsin is strong.

As if to prove that point, last week Republican Assembly candidate Vincent Synowicz issued a press release last week promising to copy and paste a piece of ALEC-written legislation on “day one” of his term in office.

That is why on day one as the next state representative of the 8th Assembly District, I will offer a plan to establish a state-wide system of Education Savings Accounts.

The fact that an 18-year old neophyte Republican candidate is promising to implement ALEC-written legislation on “day one” of his term in office underscores just how insidious ALEC’s influence is in Wisconsin, and it’s yet another reason why those of us on the left need to work hard to get back majorities in both the Assembly and the State Senate.


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  1. I suggest he call it Edvest or a 529 account. Or we can tell him they already exist.

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