Ferguson police chief caught in lie about why he released tape purportedly showing Michael Brown robbing convenience store

According to a report in the Huffington Post, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson lied when he stated he had “many” specific requests for a videotape that allegedly showed Michael Brown robbing a convenience store prior to his shooting death at the hands of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson lied when he said he had received “many” specific requests for the videotape that allegedly shows Michael Brown robbing a convenience store, according to a new report.

“All I did — what I did was — was release the videotape to you, because I had to,” Jackson told reporters on Aug. 15 when asked why he released the robbery footage. “I’d been sitting on it, but I — too many people put in a [Freedom of Information Act] request for that thing, and I had to release that tape to you.”

Writing for The Blot, Matthew Keys reports that the police department did not receive any specific requests for the videotape.

“A review of open records requests sent to the Ferguson Police Department found that no news organization, reporter or individual specifically sought the release of the surveillance tape before police distributed it on Aug. 15,” Keys writes.

It should be clear to anyone with half a brain that the reason Police Chief Jackson released the surveillance tape purportedly showing Michael Brown robbing a convenience store prior to his death at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson was to portray Brown as a “thug,” no doubt in an attempt to protect his officer.


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6 thoughts on “Ferguson police chief caught in lie about why he released tape purportedly showing Michael Brown robbing convenience store

  1. Jackson should one of the first to be fired if he doesn’t resign in this latest racist event by the Ferguson P.D.

    And Mayor Knowles of Ferguson should be held accountable for his lack of leadership and blindness of the racism in his police department.

  2. So Michael Brown allegedly robbed the convenience store, which is in fact on video and does show him being a “thug” pushing around the employee, yet in postings on this blog everyone seems to have Officer Darren Wilson guilty of murder. And no I don’t think a strongarm robbery of a convenience store deserves the death penalty, but it does go to Michael Brown’s state of mind. When Officer Wilson approached him, Officer Wilson may be thinking about Brown walking in the road,but Brown is thinking “damn, I’m gonna get arrested for robbing the store”. Unless you’ve shot someone, you have no idea of the psychological impact that has on a police officer. It’s not something anyone ever wants to go through.

    1. So if Michael Brown did commit a strongarm robbery as you allege, why didn’t the store owner or any of his employees call 911?

      Friday, for the first time, the owners are speaking out through an attorney about the surveillance video.

      The owner of the store dispute the claim that they or an employee called 911, saying a customer inside the store made the call.

      Further, what does that have to do with the Ferguson Police Chief lying about why he released the video?

      So absent a robbery, it’s kind of far-fetched to opine that Michael Brown was worried about being arrested for robbing a store.

  3. So was he hugging the clerk, perhaps wishing the clerk a good day? No his friend the star witness has admitted they stole cigars. But your right the police chief and the department in general have handled this whole affair poorly. That’s being generous. Leaving the body uncovered for hours, not releasing any information, and now getting caught in a lie. My point is you don’t know what Michael Brown was thinking and why he reacted the way did.

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