Governor Walker Says Candidate Burke Should Fess Up On Jobs Plan

Considering the obfuscation and tap dancing around the issues we’ve seen from Governor Walker on the dubious goings on in his Milwaukee County Executive office, his various campaigns, and his activities as governor…I found it amusing that the Governor would suggest that candidate Burke fess up:

Asked if Burke should pull out of the race, Walker said, “She should ultimately fess up to what actually happened with that plan.”

“People expect a leader that’s going to take responsibility for their actions,” he added. “Most people look at this and question, either you didn’t know what was in the plan, or you did and you hoped that people wouldn’t find out that it came from somewhere else.”

Considering how many times he hasn’t known or was unaware…this is pretty amusing in a very unsettling way. Governor…I think you need to do some ‘fessing’ up to the Wisconsin electorate.

And considering someone didn’t finish his degree under a gray cloud…I guess he couldn’t rely no that experience and had to fall back on something he was sure to have first hand knowledge of:

Well, as people pointed out (Friday) even eighth-graders know you don’t copy work from other people’s work product.”

Governor where are the jobs, what’s happening in WEDC, what’s happening in the DNR, have you considered drug testing your staff?


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2 thoughts on “Governor Walker Says Candidate Burke Should Fess Up On Jobs Plan

  1. Team Burke waltzed into this one. Hard to understand why they (or any local candidate) wouldn’t re-write anything from a national consultant as a matter of course plus, you know, ADD HER OWN IDEAS. Consultants are mostly overpaid and mediocre regardless of the industry – everyone knows that. Whoever hired the consultant should also be fired for sheer naivete. Hope she comes out guns blazing to counter the hypocrisy of Walker’s remarks and doubles down on the jobs, screw up’s, nepotism, and fiscal mismanagement of Walker’s tenure. She’s come too far to let this tank her. Oh, and the last Marquette poll suggests to me it’s time to come out on medical marajauna, if not full legalization. The sky hasn’t exactly fallen anywhere it’s legal and she needs a strong youth vote.

  2. Speaking of “fessing up”, I’d encourage you to read a great article from Jeff Simpson giving numerous examples of Walker not being held accountable for his staff’s racism and hateful attitudes. Interestingly, Dan Bice feels no need to amplify those realities day after day like he does with this WisGOP BS. No bias with him, NOOOOO.

    The Burke people should punch back hard, and not stop punching for the next 6 weeks. A copied jobs plan sure beats a failed jobs plan, and Walker’s plans are an unmitigated disaster. Don’t even give this non-story another second of time.

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