Governor Walker Still Can’t Manage

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has an article comparing/contrasting the positions of candidate Mary Burke and Governor Walker on the just announced $1.8 Billion projected deficit in the 2015 – 2017 Wisconsin State budget.

Governor Walker in one of his most captain obvious moments said:

Walker said the projections also reflected the effects of his tax cuts.

“Remember, the economy is better. …Revenues aren’t down because of the economy,” Walker said in a meeting Tuesday with College Republicans at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. “They’re down in large part because taxpayers are paying less in this state.”

Yes obviously revenues are down because taxpayers are paying less in taxes…but the flip side of the coin is…you didn’t anticipate reduced revenues? you didn’t take that into account for your budgets? And yes I mean budgets because the current budget is going to have a shortfall…for precisely the same reason.

oh wait…then there’s that little thing about reducing taxable pay for public employees!


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7 thoughts on “Governor Walker Still Can’t Manage

  1. The current state budget has a surplus. The next budget is not due until February. How can you take into account something that hasn’t happened yet Ed?

    1. Steve – the current budget no longer is in surplus. That number was also a projection but the Governor wasted no time in acting like it was cash on the barrel head. Which is why he finds himself in this mess…and begging the Potawatomie for their payment!

  2. Obviously Scotty got kicked out of Marquette before he could take a finance class, because he sure doesn’t seem to understand that YOU NEED REVENUES TO OPERATE A BUSINESS.

    And look at the ignorant comments of Walker supporters like Steve, so much fail in so few words.

    1. We are in fiscal year 2015, and are slated to end up at least $400 million in the hole. This must be repaired in the next 10 months.

    2. We are also further behind the 8 ball for the next budget, which goes from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017. That is estimated at $1.76 BILLION, and is likely to go higher if revenues continue to stay low.

    3. The “$1 billion in surplus” never happened either, but that sure didn’t stop Scotty and WisGOP legislators from blowing it earlier this year on stupid tax cuts. You don’t get it both ways, kiddo.

    OWN THE FAILURE, GOP. Don’t worry, Dems will clean it up for you- as we always seem to have to do

  3. Don’t underestimate Captain Obvious. if re-elected, his self engineered budget mess will no doubt serve as grounds for more “reform”. Wississippi here we come.

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