Mr. Nice Guy

Across the 93rd Assembly district you’ll often hear people mention how GOP Rep. Warren Petryk is such a ” nice guy “. He sings at church on Sunday, he smiles and waves at folks while he walks in the parades, he votes to throw tens of thousands of working parents and children off of Badgercare, he votes to restrict Veterans opportunities to seek damages in court for asbestos related illnesses:  yep, he’s a nice guy all right, to the corporate funders who bankroll his party line votes.

Watch Jeff Smiths new Youtube video and decide for yourself if Petryk is so nice. And if you like what you see please make a donation at ActBlue to help the Smith campaign get the message out about Petryk and his votes.

And then share the video. A guy as nice as Warren Petryk should be known far and wide!


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2 thoughts on “Mr. Nice Guy

  1. And just so no one gets confused, the placard on the podium in front of Petryk as he speaks, the one that reads ” Official Card Carrying Right Wing Extremist “, isn’t a photo-shop. It’s for real. Petryk was speaking at a gun owners rally in Hudson in 2011 when this photo was taken. Nice guy my ass.

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