New poll shows Mary Burke with 5-point lead over Scott Walker

According to a new poll released Tuesday by Gravis Marketing, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke has a 5-point lead over Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

A poll released Tuesday showing Mary Burke ahead of Gov. Scott Walker by five points has widened the Democratic challenger’s lead in Brad Jones’ model of polling for the Wisconsin gubernatorial election.

Gravis Marketing released a poll of 908 registered voters in which Burke got 50 percent to Walker’s 45 percent, with 4 percent listed as unsure. The poll was conducted through automated telephone calls.

Jones developed a model to estimate the level of support for the candidates based on polls, and after the Gravis poll was entered it showed Burke getting 51.8 percent of the two-party vote. (See more on the model in last week’s Cap Times cover story.)

With just over a month left until election day, the fact that polling shows Mary Burke with momentum can’t be viewed as anything but a good thing.


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11 thoughts on “New poll shows Mary Burke with 5-point lead over Scott Walker

  1. Omg omg omg omg omg !!!!!!!

    Crap…… MU poll came out with Walker ahead by 5.

    Back to the propaganda you go BB.

  2. Sustainable commentary I see from the right. I suggest you look at the registered vs. likely voters on the Marquette University Poll. I suggest look at the likely voter instead of the register voters.

    I’m also not sure if anyone else is aware of this, but Gravis Marketing is also a Republican leaning from what I’ve seen in it’s previous polls. So I don’t understand how this is liberal propaganda…?

    1. Anything is possible in the world of pure belief, T. You know, like pink unicorns crapping rainbows and stardust, or, women aren’t as capable as men at anything because if they were equal to the task, they’d be deserving and getting that equal pay by now. How about larger tax breaks for the already profitable big corporations and that’ll help the economy lift all boats, as people get trickled on.

    2. If you look at the demos of those two polls, you’d think the MU “likely voter” poll was the GOP propaganda with the small sample size, and that Gravis was more likely to be the MU poll. Charles Franklin really had to work to put up a poll that had more people from Waukesha County than Dane County, and to have a GOP +4.6 advantage in party ID .

      The reg voter poll had Walker +1, and those numbers were more hinged to reality on demos. It’s basically a toss-up race, and that’s after a week of non-stop GOP-aganda on that “Jobs plan” story.

      1. I know, what got me with the 5% lead in the Marquette poll was that so many people were unregistered to vote and were being counted anyway and … that’s what’s being sold? It wasn’t just the Waukesha County being over sampled too, but the fact women were vastly under sampled. But if you look at the Likely vs. the Registered – then the numbers are more realistic.


        Heck a lot of the reason why Gravis Marketing is considered a Republican leaning poll by many people is because it only aims towards people who are registered.

  3. Is it just me, or does Mary Burke look a lot like Ron Johnson? Is it possible that Republicans are pulling a fast one with a “Trojan Horse (faced)” Ron Johnson in drag? These Republicans and their desperate shenanigans!!!

    1. It is absolutely just you. No further questions I presume. A choice opportunity for a Thursday tune in honor of C.

  4. In honor of C??? You posted classic photos of Mary Burke and her filthy hippie friends in my honor? Well, I don’t get the connection, but thanks, I guess.

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