I’m not sure if this is real or not, but either way it’s hilarious.


5 Responses to VIDEO: Republicans are people too!

  1. independent guy says:

    What is so hilarious about it?
    That similarities between us are many and differences few?
    That we all contain conservative and liberal cells, thoughts and ideas?
    Yea that’s pretty funny.

  2. IG,

    It is a bit telling when folks feel compelled to let the rest of us know that they ( republicans) are people too?

    • independent guy says:

      Yep, politics. Funny stuff.
      One side spends an awful lot of energy painting the other side as heartless conservative bastards (HCB).
      The other side answers. Why? Because the HCB bit does work on some people. See line 1 above…

  3. MadCityVoter says:

    How come they didn’t mention the Republicans on welfare, in rehab, in prison, homeless, or staying at shelters for battered women? Those are also things that people do; that means that if Republicans are people, they do them too. Republicans get abortions! They live in nursing homes! They cheat on their spouses, and their taxes, and probably at golf too! Think about it.

  4. nonquixote says:

    And Republicans carry assault rifles slug on their backs, when they go to the farmers’ market to scare children and families, just like me and you.

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