BREAKING: AG Van Hollen stricken by sudden bout of decency and common sense

Staffers for Attorney General JB Van Hollen rushed him to a Madison emergency room earlier today after what one staffer described as ” a sudden, inexplicable seizure-like bout of decency and common sense “. DOJ spokeswoman Dana Brueck told local reporters ” it was really, really scary. He just suddenly started talking about how we might as well drop the whole photo ID thing since we had no chance to implement it by November 4th. For a moment I thought he might even admit that the entire effort was both anti-democratic and a flat out fucking sham, but thankfully he didn’t go that far. ”

Van Hollen was released by ER physicians and told to go home and get some rest. Said Brueck, ” he stopped at a newsstand on the way home and bought a copy of The National Review, so we think he’ll be back to his old self soon. “


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6 thoughts on “BREAKING: AG Van Hollen stricken by sudden bout of decency and common sense

  1. SC, this is almost good enough for The Onion. You should forward to them. Or is that where you got it? Careful, folks are kinda sensitive to plagiarism.

  2. Why does the NAACP require a photo ID to participate in there marches against voter ID?

  3. Hey @pukingmygutsout, you’re fucking retarded and you probably have ebola if you’re puking that bad.

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