Center for Media and Democracy files IRS complaint against WI Club for Growth

On Monday the Center for Media and Democracy filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service requesting that agency strip the Wisconsin Club for Growth of its nonprofit status for spending millions of dollars to help Gov. Scott Walker and other Republicans during the recall elections here in Wisconsin. Here’s more about the complaint.

According to a copy of the 25-page complaint, the center asserts that officials with Wisconsin Club for Growth misled federal regulators by saying they are a social welfare group that spent nothing on campaign activities in 2011 and 2012.

In reality, Fischer states in the complaint that the conservative group spent an estimated $9.1 million on ads promoting political candidates during the recall races and funneled another $9.6 million to other groups that then spent the cash on campaign ads.

Wisconsin Club for Growth spent a little more than $20 million in the two-year span.


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1 thought on “Center for Media and Democracy files IRS complaint against WI Club for Growth

  1. Get O’Keefe in a court room under oath and you’ve got the John Doe investigation in the palm of your hand and out in the light of day for the public to see how Walker and O’Keefe and others worked hand in glove to violate Wisconsin’s campaign laws as they were then in place. O’Keefe’s been spouting off for 2 years about his free speech rights being violated. This law suit will give him his chance to explain exactly what they were doing previously that he’s no longer able to do. But this time he will have to speak the truth about the collaboration that occurred not his non-version of wrong doing!

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