Head of university’s College Republicans: “I just do not want to have people being registered to vote, whatsoever.”

“I just do not want to have people being registered to vote, whatsoever.”

So said the Leigh Thomas, head of the College Republicans at High Point University, in response to a request by an outside group to gain approval to register voters on the campus of High Point University, which is a right-wing conservative Christian college.

Here’s video of Leigh Thomas making it clear she doesn’t want any voter registration happening on campus.

Not surprisingly, administration of High Point University defended the actions of Leigh Thomas, citing “student safety” concerns (despite the fact that the officer in the video noted the individuals seeking to register voters were “more than polite.”


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4 thoughts on “Head of university’s College Republicans: “I just do not want to have people being registered to vote, whatsoever.”

  1. Seems there might be more to this story. According to the video, it seems something happened with a similar group in 2012. The gal talking (not seen) was quick to point out that they only had registration papers with her and opened her bag to prove it. Given the videotaping it is now obvious that these folks were playing a game of gotcha, apparently not for the first time. The gal in the video was right to be suspicious. So I highly doubt that Republicans at HP don’t want people to register to vote. What they don’t want, understandably, are jerks from the outside trying to embarrass them with edited half truths. But it will play well with some low info folks.

    1. Convicted on circumstantial evidence is fine with you? You couldn’t search for the supposed 2012 incident and you’re just going along with, it “seems,” that something happened? Videotaping to protect ones own self from bogus accusations isn’t at all a possibility when some sandwich wielding stranger tells you to leave and that you are not allowed to be registering citizens to participate in a democratic process?

      And duly noted again is your tenuous grasp of the obvious that the young Repers need no one, jerks or otherwise, to embarrass them. They’ve demonstrated their ability, beyond all reasonable doubt, to handle that chore all by themselves.

  2. OK non. I researched a bit here. There is ample opportunity for student groups to register people to vote on campus. Nobody is trying to prevent voting among HPU students. However, HPU apparently limits outside groups and they have to be sponsored by a student group. Criticize that policy if you like.

    Here is what I find weird from the video. At about 2 minutes in, the TPU Repub, Leigh, says that if we don’t do things like we did in 2012…. Then film girl protestith too much, claiming not to be with Turning Point (a lie).

    Now if I am having a conversation with someone about something from 2012 and they respond saying they have nothing to do with Turning Point, I wonder what the hell they are talking about. But Leigh seemed unsurprised by this Turning Point talk, suggesting she knows about Turning Point and perhaps that there is some history there.

    Leigh has apologized for her choice of words apparently. In retrospect, she clearly had reason to be suspicious of the people misrepresenting themselves and filming the encounter.

    Still, at the end of the day, this is a whole lot about nothing, unless there is any evidence to suggest that HPU or even Leigh herself is interested in preventing actual voting on campus.

    The real shame is that the Turning Point gal was representing a conservative organization. No real need to lie about that.

  3. High Point University is a private liberal arts university in High Point, North Carolina, U.S., affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Founded as High Point College in 1924, it became High Point University in October 1991

    ► Private ◄

    Enough said. Move along blue fisters, there is more propaganda to feed the needy.

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