Jason “Red” Arnold is back with an epic rant…and it’s a doozy!

In a recent “press release” (and I use that term very loosely), Republican State Senate candidate Jason “Red” Arnold shows a very poor grasp of the fact surrounding the implementation of Act 10, legislation enacted by Republican Gov. Scott Walker and his rubber-stamp Republican-controlled legislature. Here’s Arnold’s assertion:

It was a law which stated that educators and public employees now had to pay 50% toward their pension and 12.6% towards their health insurance from the previous contribution of 0

While it’s convenient for Republicans who support Gov. Walker and Act 10 to trot out that little nugget, repeating a lie simply doesn’t make it true. The fact is, many thousands of public employees had to pay into their pensions and health care premiums before Act 10, and Jason Arnold’s inability to get such a basic fact right makes me think he’s got a “FOX NEWS IQ” rather than a “MENSA IQ.”

Not content to get a basic fact about public employee benefits wrong, Arnold’s press release then proceeded to call African-Americans who support Democrats “pawns.”

The black pawns of the ruling class whose lives these people like to toy with have been living under the blanket of injustice that the Civil War supposedly fought to abolish.

Given how far out of the mainstream Jason Arnold’s views are, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he loses to Chris Larson by twenty points.


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23 thoughts on “Jason “Red” Arnold is back with an epic rant…and it’s a doozy!

  1. Now THIS is the response I was hoping for. Slanted misquotes and an inability to understand what really happens. I noticed that you only linked this and took quotes out of context this time. At least last time you felt your argument was strong enough to paste my whole article on your site. Hiding something? I have this screen shot to put on my website so it’s no skin off my nose if you don’t publish it for me calling you out on your tactics.

    I know exactly how much teachers kicked in because I was brought into this world by 2 of them. MPS teachers, not hick Bumflark Wisconsin boonie teachers. The Black Community ARE the pawns of the racist Left. If they weren’t, they would be prospering in this “Utopia” that has been created for them instead of them having to watch their community crumble while crying out for help to the very people doing the damage. And the Democrats wouldn’t be yanking them off the streets and bringing them to the Zeidler Building to vote in exchange for cheeseburgers.

    20 points you say? I doubt it. If that were true then actual news organizations would have picked up on this and reacted just like you have. Who could resist a free shot at the guy trying to take out the highest ranking state level Democrat in Wisconsin? Chris Larson would be visible and not hiding in a barn somewhere and the League of Women Voters wouldn’t have lied to me about holding a debate between us when they in turn, actively called the Sebring campaign, offering a debate. I said last time, right here on your site that I would debate him anytime, anywhere except The View. And to this day, no one has taken me up on a challenge. Every team dreams of a shut out. If its so obvious a victory, why has it not happened?

    Your hatred of Walker has blinded you to reality. And I really hope the actual news media gets a hold of this. You see, I’m trying to cause reactions because I know Larson is in hiding to the point that he won’t come out, even after an opponent rant like this and the media is keeping him buried. They don’t want the public to remember that he left the state and that he bent the Unions over the coals by voting against the mining bill and putting thousands of Union jobs in jeopardy. C’mon media, I dare you. I await being proven wrong. Once again, I doubt I will be. That whole MENSA thing, ya’know. Try your best, dude. The only thing that will save Larson is if he stays out of the public eye.

    1. What did I take out of context in your quote about Act 10. You stated a fact that I then refuted from person experience. NEVER in the over 14 years I’ve been a public employee for various agencies have I ever NOT paid into my health insurance and pension costs.


      If you meant to refer only to teachers, then you should have referred only to teachers, but you mentioned “teachers and public employees.” I’d expect someone with a “MENSA IQ” to understand that point, but I fear it’s lost on you.

      As to your comments about Larson, if I were him I wouldn’t debate you either, because you’re going to lose by a wide margin on November 4. You’ve raised practically no money, you lack a coherent message, and no one knows who you are. Sure, you’ll get some votes, but you’re going to lose by a wiiiiiiiiiide margin.

      1. Yer a public employee? I’m shocked. Again, you are debating semantics, not my points. Teachers vs. Teachers and public employees… big whoop. Again, ad hominem attacks with the MENSA IQ, so predictable. Chris Larson voted to basically throw Caterpillar out of South Milwaukee and they still voted for him. People don’t pay attention to issues they pay attention to catch phrases. I didn’t have the money to counter that. And not debating me because I was going to lose anyway is sour grapes. He knew that if he laid low and didn’t come out in the open that people wouldn’t remember the bad crap he did. That’s why there were no Larson signs out. It worked… this time. Well guess what? I now have 4 years to remind 3 Assembly districts of the crap he did, and will add anything else he does or doesn’t do, like perhaps losing the minority leader status because his leadership skills are sooooo dope, man. Not to mention, we’ll have voter ID next time. If you think I’d come on here and blast your ignorance on your own site but won’t do that? Guess again. I rather enjoy these tussles. I really do. They’re rather fun. Unfortunately, I have work to do. See you in 3 years. In the mean time… enjoy your property tax relief.

        1. Red, you lost by a huge margin in a Republican wave year. I’m not sure how you think that equates to an electoral victory four years from now, especially considering the fact that your own party doesn’t consider you a credible candidate, but keep dreaming.

          As to the rest of your screed, come back when you’ve got a better batch of insults, because the ones you came with tonight were absolutely weak sauce.

    2. Um, I am and MPS teacher, and have been paying for my health insurance for years, even before Act 10. So even that claim is bullshit.

      (And, technically, I was “paying” for pension, too, in the form of a lower up-front salary and higher deferred salary, something we negotiated because it was favorable to teachers and taxpayers–MPS is now paying payroll taxes on the money it used to slip into WRS on my behalf tax-free.)

      1. You paid health insurance? Really? What percent? I didn’t hear the word co-pay until I got to college. Everything was paid in full. And “Technically deferred salary” isn’t “non pension” all pensions are deferred salary its just where in the process the money gets paid out and technically by whom. If you get paid $60k with $10k also via taxpayers going to pension vs. $60 with no pension that you have to chip in the $10k… big difference.

  2. Red Arnold, your zero claim frankly, is stupid (*ahem MENSA) and your pathetic claim of the “racist left” using African-Americans as pawns shows you as the partisan hack that you are. I would debate you, but you seem like a gish-gallop type of wingnut.

    “I know exactly how much teachers kicked in because I was brought into this world by 2 of them. MPS teachers, not hick Bumflark Wisconsin boonie teachers.”

    And a dick. wow

    1. I used the term “hick Bumflark boonie teachers” because when I talk with MPS teachers they always argue that MPS is separate from all “those” teachers in the “hick boonies” in the rest of the state. And the black community are pawns of the racist left. You know, that whole part in American History where the Democrats seceded from the Union to keep slaves, then formed the KKK when they lost? If it isn’t true then why are all major cities that are crumbling run by Democrats without a Tea Party representative in site. Call me what you want but I called them out for what they are.

  3. You’re quite the delusional child, aren’t ya, Red?

    Larson’s ignoring you for the same reason Brett Hulsey is ignored by anyone with a brain.

  4. “Red”? You’re running for state Assembly? Thank you for really showing what lies in the black heart of today’s republican party.

    I started out my political life voting Republican, but that party has mutated, twisted itself into some perverted, racist zombie shell of its once proud heritage. The fact that the RPW hasn’t disowned your racist crap speaks volumes.

    As for “hick Bumflark Wisconsin boonie teachers” – speaking as an outstate Wisconsin teacher, you can just go to hell.

    1. No Mike, you started off like most teacher and all teachers I know aside from a select few, you vote for what benefits you. Your payment of taxes is outweighed by the lifestyle afforded to you by your job. Most of my teacher friends and parents’ teacher friends went through the same transition. It doesn’t make you a bad person for self interest but it is a fact. Yes the Republicans sometimes have strayed on message but on social issues. When we elected the only black (and female) to the House this round, your conclusions are unfounded. People tend to conform to that around them. As for the “hick Bumflark Wisconsin boonie teachers” comment… you can thank your “Brothers” in MPS for that. I got it from them. That’s how they describe you when they have to point out that MPS is a separate entity from the rest of the state. Kind of like before Prohibition, liquor makers and beer brewers pointed the finger at each other saying how ‘its not meeeee, its them”. There is no solidarity, only self interest. Again, not a bad thing but also not when its on the backs of the rest of us taxpayers that would kill for what you have, only to have you complain about it. That is why Act 10 passed and that is why Walker won. Plain and simple. You can deny it all you want but when you take out your stake in the game and your emotions from these equations, look at it objectively and think it through to its logical conclusion there is only 1 reason you lost. That is it. I don’t lie. I don’t lie to a fault. And don’t forget who the slave owning, KKK members were… Democrats. The Republicans formed in Ripon WI in 1854 as an abolitionist movement. The Dems wanted to keep slaves. You probably have a history teacher in your building, go and ask them. If you look at every major city that has crumbled, there are no Tea Party reps, no Republican Reps and no Koch Brother money going into the area. Its run by Democrats. Has been for a long time. No amount of denial will ever change that. Either way, I may be poor but it ain’t my hood. I don’t have to deal with liberal policies locally. When those that do finally realize that, there will be prosperity again in the black community and America. And it is State Senate, not Assembly.

  5. Now, let’s be fair here. I know “Red Arnold”‘s name goes right back to his website, but it’s entirely possible it was hacked and this is an attempt to embarrass Mr. Arnold by persons nefarious. I mean, who refers to his parents as people who ‘brought me into this world’ as opposed to ‘raised me’, ‘nurtured me’, ‘educated me’? Even people who are raised by wolves have enough respect for their wolf-parents to say they were ‘raised by wolves’. And if Mr. Arnold was indeed raised, nurtured and educated by MPS teachers, he would surely know the unkind and unfair stereotypes associated with MPS teachers, and would never consider making a disrespectful and divide-and-conquer reference to rural teachers as appears in the above comment. It would be thoughtless, and unkind, and untrue, and not appropriate to an individual seeking the consent of the governed.

    1. Could be,but keep in mind that’s the first claim some people make when caught making these type of statements

  6. I visited Arnold’s website to find out more about him. The site was pretty buggy (might be my browser, I guess), and clicking on About or Issues or News got me nowhere. But one button did work — the DONATE button.

      1. You’re right. I’m poor. A poor Republican. Ironic, I’m sure in your mind. For those who complain about money buying votes you sure wish to squash a person trying to make a difference in the way things are done. You complain that politics is a rich man’s game and it is. I’ve seen it first hand. The difference between us is that you simply bitch while I’m trying to do something about it. I at least put what little money I have where my mouth is. And yes, sometimes my site acts stupid. Nothing I can do to change that on a poor man’s salary.

    1. Jane, thanks for posting that link – it’s exactly on point. However, the point made by the article you linked to is likely lost on conservatives like “Red” Arnold, because they lack the capacity to look beyond the talking points fed to them by Scott Walker and Koch brothers conservatives.

    1. Emma- It’s an offshoot of the bubble-world righties love in these days, complete with their own GOP-aganda network (Faux) and their own AM radio stations (620, 1130, 1310, etc.)

      And given that they’re such louts that no normal person would hang out with these clueless balls of hate, the cycle repeats on itself. If we had a responsible media, they’d do an intervention on the Red Arnold’s or the world.

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