John Doe target looks to stall continued investigation

Despite the irrefutable fact that the John Doe investigation into Scott Walker and his aides has yielded a number of felony and misdemeanor convictions, conservative Eric O’Keefe of the Wisconsin Club for Growth is trying everything he can to keep the investigation from continuing.

Eric O’Keefe is throwing what amounts to another handful of nails out the car window, hoping to slow down the pursuit of prosecutors who are chasing Wisconsin Club for Growth.

That’s how we see the letter that O’Keefe, a director of the conservative group, sent last week to Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm. Chisholm launched the secret John Doe investigation into the organization and its ties to Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign.

The letter asks Chisholm to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate … Chisholm.

O’Keefe’s latest tactic came just two days after the group’s federal case flopped before the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago. The court decided this was an issue for state courts to decide. We agree. Wisconsin Club for Growth had argued that prosecutors investigating ties between the group and Walker’s campaign were infringing on the group’s First Amendment rights.

O’Keefe’s claim of misconduct by Chisholm is specious — one more attempt to put a roadblock in front of a legitimate investigation. It is based on a questionable report that Chisholm, a Democrat, had personal animus toward Walker, a Republican, because Chisholm’s wife is a public school teacher and union steward who was affected by Walker’s decision to push for a law to limit bargaining rights for public workers.

The fact that conservatives like Eric O’Keefe are so desperate to stop the John Doe investigation shows that they’re worried, because in my experience innocent folks have nothing to hide.


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17 thoughts on “John Doe target looks to stall continued investigation

  1. Chisholm should take O’Keefe up on this challenge and use the special prosecutor to bring out into public view the specifics about the possible campaign law violations. Under this format the special prosecutor could name the parties involved including Walker and WCFG and WMC as reasons why Chisholm was duty bound to follow up on these possible violations as the Attorney General refused to participate! If O’Keefe wants to expose all of this lets have Chisholm accommodate him and appoint a special prosecutor who is friendly toward looking for corruption. Better yet lets invite the U.S. Dept. of Justice to investigate to satisfy O’Keefe’s concerns!

  2. Waiting for Eric (I’m innocent) O’Keefe to release all the emails he sent and received from Scott Walker’s secret email system.

  3. ►Despite the irrefutable fact that the John Doe investigation into Scott Walker and his aides has yielded a number of felony and misdemeanor convictions◄

    rrrr wrong. This is how the propaganda is fed to the blue fisters. You are taking another John Doe and trying to paint it as the John Doe O’Keefe is fighting. There have been zero convictions or even charges in the current John Doe.

    I will await your correction.

    1. Trademark,

      I’ll bite.

      1. Which “John Doe,” is O’Keefe fighting?

      2. Does this mean that O’Keefe supports all the other John Doe’s?

      Thanks in advance.

        1. Trademark,


          1.Where’s your link to Eric’s unqualified support for John Doe 1?

          2. Where’s your link to Eric’s legal team limiting his “fight” to John Doe 2?

    2. Trademark,

      W/R/T “blue fisters, here’s link to the chart that explains how the folks you support have been able to “liquidate the middle class.”

      “Rising Tides Lift the Yachts: Why the 1% Grabs all the Gains From Growth

      Capitalism runs on sales. You can’t have “mass production” without “mass consumption.” Instead of hollowing out what little’s left of the middle class, you should be supporting labor. It’s the DEMAND side of the Supply Demand curve.

      “Demand Leakages: The 800lb Economist in the Room”

        1. Trademark,

          I’m just glad to see Eric O’Keefe standing with the folks in Ferguson for Mike Brown.

          Well done.

      1. Wrong John Doe Zach. The one you cite was started by activity Walker observed and brought to the DA.

        There are separate”John Doe” investigations . The current yet stalled has yielded zero convictions or even charges as they are investigating legal behavior. Please correct for your readers, or is it better they remain low informed?

        1. It’s better they remain low informed.

          This is why you have no meaning Zach, it’s pure propaganda that is easily defeated with fact.

        2. Trademark,

          Tom Nardelli (RIP) brought it to D.A. Chisholm’s attention. Gov. Walker says it was on his orders. Whether that’s accurate or not, everyone appears to agree that Gov. Walker knew about May 2010 referral and that it concerned $10,000 missing for veterans.

          Why did Gov. Walker retain Tim Russell in County employment after May 2010?

          Wouldn’t it help exonerate Gov. Walker if he released his copies of his emails?

          1. Focus John. You are ranting about the wrong John Doe. Just like Zach.

            Come on man, I know it’s hard for you but take a breath and focus.

            1. Trademark, I’m still waiting for your response to my 5:52 a.m. from YESTERDAY.

              C’mon lazy-bones, time to get up and at ’em.

              1. I will not play the liberal deflection game. Zach and yourself are trying to spin a completely separate investigation to feed your propaganda.

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